Monday, January 7

Remembering 17 Dey ( January 8th 1936)

In such occasion as today, I rather use words carefully merely out of respect for the subject under my treatment. On this day, I will draw your attention to the quotation, and leave the rest of the matter to you.

"Three o’clock in the afternoon, on Wednesday 17th of Dey (January 8, 1936), during a special ceremony in Tehran’s teachers’ preparatory college, Reza Shah Pahlavi ordered the casting aside of the chador, and announced the emancipation of Iranian women and their entrance into Iranian society. Thus began a new chapter in the biography of the Iranian woman. In this gathering Reza Shah was accompanied by his wife and daughters who themselves, for the first time, were appearing in public without wearing their chadors..." To read the entire article, please click on the link below.

Our special thanks to Sarbazekuchack.


saggezard said...

Zendeh baad Zanane Azadehe Iran.

Roxie said...

The seed planted 17 Dey fell dormant during the winter of Islamic occupaion but the seed is not dead and shall sprout new life.

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