Wednesday, January 2

“The power of brainwashing is amazing, did you know that?”

Imagine this that an “educated” non-Muslim Indian girl, a fellowship winner, is doing a “serious” research in an undisclosed university in the glorious City of Toronto, and quite casually meets an “educated” handsome-Muslim Pakistani guy, who is on some sort of a peculiar “award/fellowship”, who resides in a seat as a committee member of a board under whose supervision the girl is conducting her Doctoral research.

They become acquainted through time, and of course quiet decently too. He is "so charming, so well mannered, and so gentlemanly" that she finds him "absolutely irresistible, specially when he lower his head" in such a way that increases her heart’s palpitations. Naturally she is besotted with this charismatic guy, and particularly is bewitched by "the way he uses words in the most astonishing way to express his faith in Allah”.

She is “literally in Heaven”; there is “so much peace around him. He carries an aura of tranquility that I had never encountered before…” Quite charming, one should suppose! But then, the sweetness of love gets mixed up with the bitterness of separation of the “love-birds” (I assure you that the term is used in a very “innocent-respectful tone”), and she, who is totally smitten by the whole “innocent” affair, decides to seal her love with a certificate of conversion to Islam. Yes, that’s “the power of love”!

So, he leaves for Londonistan, (London, the Capital of England), while she returns to her studies. Her mind is not settled, her soul is in longing, she is restless, for her parents do not know any thing about the conversion. One of her intimate friends asks, “Had you not heard anything about the history of the subcontinent? How could you do that to your parents?” Silence is the most powerful answer at times!

She is now waiting for her trip to England. Another fellowship, this time from a very distinguish institute, has guaranteed her a comfortable stay in the land of the “Anglos”. “Over there, there will be a nice ceremony in a mosque, and before my parents know, I am his wife”.

There goes your tax money. Amen.

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