Friday, January 25

A nation's confusion

There are times, when a nation is confused and therefore commits suicide. And also there are times, when a nation’s confusion evokes nothing but an irritating bafflement, for things can rapidly move downward from bad to worse, and astonishingly not a soul knows why!

Knowing that there is something wrong, that there is a great danger lurking at the very corner of the next street you are about to turn to, knowing that your next move can be as bad as your previous ones, knowing all that you must know in order to prevent a dreadful situation requires a great understanding of life. If a nation, however confused, however disillusioned, however helpless, seeks redemption they should settle for nothing less than a great understanding of their struggle and hardship, and they should do it in a sense that can only result in their triumph over confusion.


Roxie said...

I'm not sure the nation is confused; I think it is simply run by too many people with very narrow agendas. As such, the government is failing to represent the people - perhaps it will change.

twoshorties said...

Roxie jan,

the Iranian nation is absolutely confused. if they were not the situation should have moved into another direction. the "narrow agendas" are created by those who do suffer from a great confusion. and a confused nation cannot do anything in a real sense.