Monday, January 14

How do you say what you want to say without using certain words?

Every now and then an email from Iran escapes through the heavy inquisitorial filtration imposed by the Islamic regime, and struggle its way into my mail box. And every time I receive such an email from Iran, I count my blessings and pray to the One to keep the authorities away from my friends’ mail-box. In days such as these, we need to pray very hard for everything we are about to receive, I assume.
Now, the content of an escaped-letter could range from painfully revealing—with respect to the reality of life in the Islamic Republic—to astonishingly truthful with respect to a nation’s plight, their struggle to endure the most horrible fate they are suffering from. In fact, inside each escaped-email, there are dreadful revelations about the infestation in the core of the society under the thumb of the ideologues, about the downfall of a nation whose toll is the result of many things amongst which helplessness can be ranked as one.
Usually there is much in between the lines; simple truth, complicated matters. The very truth lies in the very core of the adjectives and nouns that have been carefully chosen to address the complications, and define the truth. The truth, however, is as simply obvious as it is obviously simple to grasp, and it cannot be ignored either.
The paragraphs in such “letters” are usually organised in accordance to the prioritization of the issues closest to the heart of the composer. In such manner the sentences are wisely crafted to convey the most horrible news. In such a case, the first paragraph is presented as a conspicuous lamentation for all that is lost and can never be retrieved. Short sentences, packed-words, I would say, grab your attention, makes you eat your heart out for not being able to do anything but to write a few short notes, such as this one, to bring the matter to the others’ attention. Catch-22, one can suppose.
The second paragraph, however, is, always, the real catcher, because it unlocks the mystery-vault. In fact, it shows the door to the heart of the truth, the obvious that which cannot be ignored, rejected or avoided, neither can it be denied further exploration. It is simply there to annoy you, to kick you hard in the arse, and to make you itch for doing the crazy thing, perhaps.
From “dealing with a lot of pathetic scumbags who lack common sense” we begin, and as we dig further, we encounter the tale of those “unusually self-centred” creatures and those who “lack basic decency, among others…” And I must assure you that it can only get worse, as we learn about those “who care less about their fellow beings, never mind animals, or the environment”. A society afflicted with Anomie, where alienated individuals roam around zombie-like; the hapless victims of a brutal ideology they are. Yet, a fragment of society is regenerating itself for the sole purpose of a collective Revolt.
And, finally, the ending paragraph is really short. Two lines, maximum, the message should be clear, and that’s the most suitable ending. Still there is hope. It’s all very simple to comprehend. You can’t go any clearer than that!

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