Wednesday, December 12

Yet another simple note

I despise expressions such as “open Democracy”, or “free-thinking for the world”, and to be honest with you, the moment they are uttered by those “Opposition” who call themselves “the reformists”, I go absolutely mad. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against “democracy” per se; it is just not my cup of tea when it is brewed by an ex-hardliner, whose heart still beats to the tune of the Islamic Revolution.



saggezard said...

The concepts you note are smoke screens used by all those self righteous sorry minds who supported the Islamic regime and are now too ashamed to admit their mistakes, Their mistakes literally caused murder of hundreds of thousands and huge suffering and loss of prestige of a great nation. It must be quite a difficult position to be in to feel this much embarrassment, and much personal guilt in light of this type of people having a religious background. So naturally they must reinvent their sick thoughts by creating new identities such as "Reformist". The Islamic regime "Reformists" are the parallel replacements for a type of reformed communists called "Rowshanfekr" that we had in the past with the difference that the "Rowshanfekr" at the onset of the Islamic revolution had some prestige as Mohammad Reza Shah's regime had engaged them in a positive dialogue to the benefit of Iran's productivity. The Islamic "Reformists" have no clout or authority at all as the now defunct "Rowshanfekr" did, therefore the prospects of the types such as Khatami, Ebrahim Yazdi, Jahanshah Javid and etc. is going to be in a lot worse shape than the way history and the people is judging the "Rowshanfekr" now.

Bita said...

I hear you saggezard jan, i hear you.