Saturday, December 1

No Title for This One

The word is spoken, oh dear. Finally, Rafsanjani-who recently join the infamous club of Khamanei-Ahmadinejad-Sepah-in a historical Friday sermon, broke the news to the world. Yes, the Mullahs have set their minds that the Islamic Republic should achieve its fullest “Technological Potential”. And he asserted that if "the West let us do what we’d like to do, we" can soon reach an agreement with them. But, "if they stubbornly demand from us" full cooperation in the matter of “technological advancement” (meaning the enrichment of Uranium, or whatever else they think they are doing), then the matter becomes "more complicated to seek any resolution" for.
So, in reality, the West has only one obvious choice to make, and that’s, according to Rafsanjani’s confession about the last twenty-five-years of Islamic investments in the process and progress of building nuclear facilities, running them and launching Uranium Enrichment for the sole peaceful purpose of maintaining the Republic’s right of achieving its dream. You don’t need me to tell you about that “dream”, do you?!

And amazingly, all of these displays of Lordly manner of spending people’s money, Iranians’ money on achieving the Republic’s dreams of arming itself with dangerous weapons and material about handling which the leaders of the Republic know not a damn thing, are paid out of the nation’s pocket. If Pakistan, which is run by Islamic Military and Islam, can have Nuclear Bomb(s), why shouldn’t Islamic Republic, and perhaps later on Afghanistan, or even Iraq, again.

Whoever argued against the profitability of another War in the Middle East?

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