Tuesday, December 18

"I want your own books to find you"

"...when you read a book, you are at least half of the totality of that experience; the reader makes something fresh of whatever it is he (she) reads. a book is renewed every time it finds a perceptive reader, and no book is the same to every reader...reading is not a substitute for life, because it is indivisible from life. Indeed, it is a reflection of the spirit of the reader, and I am truly convinced that we who are committed readers may appear to choose our books, but in an equally true sense our books choose us. By an agency that is not coincidence, but something much more powerful that Jungians call synchronicity, we find, and are found by, the books we need to enlarge and complete us. Reading is not escape, something done at random; it is directed unerringly toward the inner target. It is truly a turning inward. it is exploration, extension, and reflection of one's innermost self". (Roberston William Davies: The Merry Heart)



saggezard said...

Nice image and post. I have another saying, that deserves its own fortune cookie,
Saggezard says: The mind is the mirror which reflects the world on to the soul and vise versa. So keep polishing that mirror.

Roxie said...

I am writing to wish you a most delightful Christmas and a new year which brings all those delights you find most warm.

Anonymous said...


Good saying.

http://www.twoshorties.blogspot.com/ said...

Dear Roxie

thank you so very much for your good wishes. I wish you a joyous Christmas and a beautiful New Year. Let's hope this year the craziness settles down a bit.