Saturday, December 15

Emancipation and its costs...

What does it mean to emancipate oneself from all that is prohibiting, restricting, invasive, offensive, degrading, belittling and maddening is not an easy issue to address, and accordingly does not pertain to pleasantries, especially in the case of those who stand against God’s Trustees, the omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent crowd of righteous devotees, who are ready to slaughter you for the sake of sacredness, with the hope of elevating themselves beyond and entering into Haven above.

Nobody has ever claimed that emancipation was an easy, painless process, for it is not. In fact, emancipation is a deep, painful, at times even rather confusing, long process that may even cause one’s most precious thing, life. But with an end so glorious, so rewarding, so accommodating to human’s nature, it cannot be ignored that emancipation is a process that starts from within and moves without, and therefore it takes an extraordinary courage and effort to understand a cause, to observe its effects, however degrading they may be, and to declare oneself free of all that is irrational, immovable and unjust. And that's why emancipation is worth all its costs!

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Anonymous said...

درود بر شرف تو زن ایرانی

رهائی از قیود ، از تاریکی، از نادانی باید از سرآمد کارمان باشد
از آشنائی با شما بسیار شادم.