Thursday, December 27

The Assassination

Benazir Bhutto is no longer a “candidate”, no longer a woman with “modern” ideas, no longer a mother with hopes and dreams. The assassin is on his way to “Paradise” (Behesht, Jannat); only to realize that there is no such a thing as that!

In a “country” armed with 2000+Maddrassa finding an “assassin/ideologue” to combat the “enemy” on behalf of you is not a challenging task. All you need to do is to “point out the enemy”, then proceed to select the most loyal ideologues and tell them that the Key to Heaven’s gate is inside their dynamite-padded-vast. Then line them up and keep them on their toes. When the time is right, when the “buck” is in your tiny little pocket, then you send them out, one by one, to heaven.

Whether I agreed with the kind of “political” ideas the Late Mrs. Bhutto held so dear to her heart or not, or the way she went about her business, is not the matter of concern here, the important issue is the continuous bloodshed in the streets of Pakistan, a country armed not only with ideologues but Nuclear Weapon too. Perhaps it is only fair to say that the Western Intelligence Agency, just as it was expected of them, had failed to foresee the “assassination”!

But, let us hope, in the spirit of Free that any Nation under the thumb of fascists and ideologues, stand united to fight for Freedom till the wretched Evil is destroyed.



Roxie said...

This is tragedy, and how she died still remains an question. Did she hit her head trying to get down into the vehicle? Did somone inside the vehicle try to pull her down quickly?

It is tragic that people attempt to use God to justify murder and murder-suicide -- what a perversion.

Bita said...

Roxie Jan,

This a kind of tragedy that repeats itself more often than one would like to witness. As far as the way she died, or perhaps was killed is concerned, we can only assume and/or guess, since the truth is not something that is revealed in the case of this tragedy. But the truth will be revealed.