Thursday, November 29

"We shall Build more Mosques," said the "It" president

It is totally absurd to talk or write about someone like Ahmadinejad, but in this surreal world of absurdity, uncertainty, fakery and cynicism, it is inevitable to do otherwise. Anyhow, I am not here to nag, only to shed a dim light, if I can, on some dark corners of the labyrinth of political rules-and-moves in the Islamic Republic.

For a president, Ahmadinejad is a talkative guy. He talks constantly, be it about Islam, or something that is related to it, and he never seems to have gotten enough of hearing his own voice. He cracks some odd jokes too, just to remind his audience that if it was not for his Calling, he would have been a stand-up comic in one of those vaudeville shows. Unfortunately for us, the Iranians, he is the ninth-president-of-the-Islamic-Republic.

As a president, he is a Basiji at heart, and as such character, he is inclined to worship the Spiritual Leaders of the regime, the late Khomeini, and the present Khamanei. As a devout Shia Ahmadinejad believes in the greatness of the places of worship, and as a true follower of the Revolutionary-preachers-Imams he is well aware of the importance of Islam in his success as an ideologue-president. So, it is only natural if he should assume that it is only by the way of worship and blind-devotion that a nation can seek redemption.

Now, having said that, recently in a meeting with the representatives of the Imams of the Masjeds in Tehran, the “It” president has asserted that they should build more Mosques, and encourage people to attend not only services, and Mass-Friday-Prayers, but also seek social services and family counseling as well. Because according to his own “research”, when the most vulnerable individuals need help, a Mosque is the only place they need to go to.


Roxie said...

He may "talk" about building more mosques, but his nation is spending money on missiles, planes, submarines and enriching uranium. As he builds killing machines, and programs basiji children to become killing machines he talks about building more mosques.

He embraces hate, death and destruction and with his own mouth arrogantly boasts of the same.

Anonymous said...

Doroud Bar shoma,

matlabe Jalebi ast.