Sunday, November 25

The Virus

As many of you have noticed, one of my obsessions with subject matters of political value is with the trial of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. I read about the Revolution from different sources, be it biased or not, I follow any link that connects the dots in a very astonishingly naïve but workable manner, and the more I learn about the precedents of such “movement” (as some Islamists like to put it) the more am convinced that such “movement” had been planned way before some of us were even born. I am not talking about the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in a sense of a contemporary movement of kind that brought nothing but disaster, degradation to human dignity, and remorseless display of authoritative violence. No, I am thinking about the “movement” as a carefully-designed-plan that which was implemented by proxies not unknown to the public’s eyes.

The plan included many countries; the spread of Islamofascism in its outmost-natural-primitive-barbaric state as a way to make the region under the spell of the Fanatics who would in return help the “Imperialists” or the fancy “Capitalists” achieve their goal. Only recently it has been argued that such deal-making cannot be reliable and viable all at once.

As you know, Iran is not the only country that has been bugged down by the infectious virus of Islamofascism. No, in the Middle East, countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan—all Non-Arab countries—and Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt (though in North Africa, it is counted amongst the most powerful Moslem-Arab countries) are infected with the vicious virus of Islamofascism. And when I say infected countries, I don’t simply imply that all the nations of the region have been touched by such epidemic. No, in the case of my own country, Iran, the history has it that Iranians have been fighting against the invasive virus for many centuries and are yet to fall down or reduce to null.

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

درود بر تو ایرانی

سخنانت بوی تازگی میدهد.

شماره های روزت افزون باد

Anonymous said...

100% agree with what you have stated. the artwork is as usual a mezmorising piece.