Thursday, November 15

some of us say, "Long Live the Walrus"...

Sometimes a picture says it all, especially when that picture is the cover of a magazine. Imagine an issue of a famous magazine, let’s say the New Yorker, or the Harper’s without the appropriate illustration or image of someone controversial, or caricature of a political goon or an idiot with an overpowered ego which projects nothing but downright malice. You see where I’m going?

Now, when you see a peculiar image of the head of the Commonwealth, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, HM Elizabeth II, a living queen who looks so dead and content on the cover page of the December issue of the Walrus magazine, you think twice before you actually start to think. My only advice to you, which is really a matter of sharing a personal experience, is to think “outside the big box”.

Unlike her namesake, Queen Elizabeth the first-- the virgin of the Tudors-- HM Elizabeth II is not a dead queen, neither is she a virgin, even in the game of politics. A queen with a dead look on her face shutting her eyes to all that is around. The Royal House of Windsor shall survive another 100 years, without the slightest hindrance. Prince Charles is already a great friend of the King of Saudi Arabia, a godfather to the King of Jordan, a great supporter of Khatami in Iran, and great confidant to the Aga Khan. He also likes Americans and French. And Prince William is the most admired King in waiting and making. So the future looks just as bright as to bring happiness to a long-reigning queen, who looks so dead on the cover page of a magazine.