Wednesday, November 28

Peace must go on

Annapolis or Washington, it really doesn’t matter where the representatives of Israel greeted a few Arab and Muslim leaders with a warm handshake, but it should matter why. I mean, as it is obvious, from the Islamic Regime’s point of view, the conference was a fist thrown at the uncontrollable Ahmadinejad and his Mafia in Tehran, because as far as the Western-Powerful-World is concerned, there is a problem with the way the Sepah and Basij are handling the affair in the Middle East.
From my point of view, the Conference had to be what it was, nevertheless the most interested thing is that my point of view, of course, does not really matter, but Ahmadinejad’s should, because he is the president whose political power has been stretched out to the level unmatched to that of his abilities to handle it. And that simply means a big danger, which is approaching Iran.

Any how, Ms. Livni, while in Washington, was interested to meet with only a few “representatives from the Arab and Muslim” realm, however, it is important to note that Ms. Livni simply did not want to meet with those Arab and Muslim leaders who are already on friendly-term with Israel. No, Ms. Livni had taken the pain of making a friendly gesture of peace and negotiation by meeting with the leaders who “do not have ties with Israel”. In the world of serious politics, you have to shake hand and a warm “shake-hand” you shall receive. That’s the message right there.

On the other hand, Israel’s Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert, as JPost has it, “sufficed with pleasantries” when meeting with a few Arab representatives, after delivering his “speech Tuesday in Annapolis”. And of course, we should not fail to note the powerful presence of Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey, as the Muslim states who participated in the conference. We do not know why Iraq’s representatives did not appear to be in that crowd, as we don’t know why Afghanistan was absent. Nevertheless, the peace must go on, and they hope, that was a loud and clear message to the Islamic Republic of Iran; the Show Down has just begun.

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Bita said...

From your words to God’s mouth. O boy I can't wait to see the countdown. Thank you for the sharp and clear point of view my Sister.