Thursday, November 22

No Title for this One!

The rise of religious-fanaticism in the Middle East has started to convince me that religiosity is the result of a cultivated ignorance, and has absolutely no connection to the conception of God, whatsoever.
In Pakistan the political situation is as such as we really don’t know who is fighting whom. In Lebanon, the extremists are ready to receive their desired-signal to start the “firework” again. In Afghanistan, the Taliban is “gaining” popularity, “peacefully”, of course! And In Iran, the political situation is so uncertain that it is not a wonder if the spectators seem to be very anxious and ready to watch a big show. Khatami in Mashhad?! Well that was an immense success for the Regime's Lobbyists in Washington; a Democratic green light to the Liberal-Reformists in Iran! But, again, Ahmadinejad is a little out of whack and if he is excited out of his wits, then we have a serious problem. The Syrians and Palestinians, especially the Fatah Party are thinking about the whole transition and are hoping to win the game for their own benefit, and who is to blame them?

I’d say, what a wonderful web of connection amongst all who are striving for more power in that region, wouldn’t you agree?



Roxie said...

Excellent post katayoun! It is sad that the root of all recent evil appears to be religious extremism. What a horrible insult to God.

Bita said...

Rixie Jan,

And the terrible atrocities that are committed in the name of God...