Friday, November 16

The "It" president and his diplomatic letters!

Without a doubt Ahmadinejad likes to write letters, especially to his counterparts in the West. Once he started with the U.S. president, since then he has been unable to stop his pen from running on the white sheets of non-recyclable papers imported from China.
According to Le Monde, the “it” president of the Islamic Republic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has troubled himself once more to be the idiot with pen, and had sent an “acrimonious and threatening letter” to his French counterpart, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of the French Republic. If history is to judge a man by his action, I think Ahmadinejad will be in a big sliding mud heading towards the very bottom of the pit.
As Le Monde has learnt, the letter had been written in a peculiar spirit of stupidity and shallow egoism, and contains a few sentences that are not considered “diplomatically appropriate”. My philosophy is that if someone wants to be the ass on a display, they should, by all means, do all that they could in order to achieve that status. But, if a “politician”, a president of a country likes to be the ass, then we have a serious problem, and we cannot simply say, “Let the man be who he wants to be”.


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Winston said...

i think his dubious letters must be a torture