Thursday, November 8

Iran is not another "Arab Country"

If the Mullahs’ ambitious in “developing Nuclear Weapons” seemed, only for a brief moment, to have the potential of promising a great success, Mr. Sarkozy’s trip to the U.S., his meeting with the American Jewish Committee and his obtaining the “Light Unto the Nations Award”, made it an uncertain and intangible affair, especially when they heard the French President’s view on Palestine. We all heard Mr. Sarkozy’s speech that was made at the United Nations General Assembly this fall, and we also know that the same Mr. Sarkozy beside discussing his unease about “the growth of “fundamentalism and terrorism”, had expressed that, “Arab countries, including Iran [sic], have a right to civilian nuclear power”. If and only if the French President knew that Iran has never been another Arab Country! I am sure that Monsieur Sarkozy, the honorable resident of Palais de l'Élysée, could have afforded to have consulted a historian, or an expert in area called the Middle East, to learn that Iran is not, and has never been, another “Arab country”.
Whatever the "outcome" of the French President’s trip to the U.S.may be, we can assume that it is an already-made-decision, a kind of a prepared plan that would go along unless, a nation under a religious tyranny of the Mullahs decide that a military strike against any regime for establishing democracy is as funny and delusional as waiting for the Twelfth Imam to appear and bring Peace with his Sword!

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Roxie said...

When I think of Iran a sadness sweeps me.