Monday, November 5

Egoism is not what Egotism is!

Robertson Davies and the distinction between an egoist and an egotist.

"An egoist is a self-absorbed creature, delighted with himself and ready to tell the world about his enthralling love affair. But an a much more serious being, who makes himself, his instincts, yearnings, and tastes the touchstone of every experience. The world, truly, is his creation. Outwardly he may be courteous, modest, and charming but beneath the velvet is the steel; if anything comes along that will not yield to the steel, the steel will retreat from it and ignore its existence. the egotist is all surface; underneath is a pulpy mess and a lot of self-doubt. But the egoist may be yielding and even deferential in things he doesn't consider important; in anything that touches his core he is remorseless"(The Deptford Trilogy: World of Wonders).

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Now that's both interesting and deep :)