Sunday, October 21

What you see is...

Have you heard the latest News? I am sure you have. The news is that Larijani “the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council” has resigned. And “the good news”is that the President of the Islamic Republic is finally relieved to have had accepted Larijani’s long-awaited resignation. And the funny news is that the parliamentarians did not know about the resignation until Mr. Elham, the Spokesperson for Ahmadinejad’s administration informed them. Giving the fact that Larijani is “one of the two representatives of Ali Khamenei, the “Supreme Leader of the Revolution”, and also being “the top negotiator” on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, such resignation reveals many truths about the internal conflict inside the power-house in Iran.

When Ahmadinejad became “the sixth president of the Islamic Republic” most people took him as a joke. Some, including myself, at times, have called him names such an “imbecile,” or have described him as “a crazy ideologue,” or “the puppet of the Supreme Leader,” or an “underdog,” or “a simple-minded person with a simple-minded approach” to local politics, never mind running an ancient country! Unfortunately, so far, he has proven to be an “imbecile”. I said unfortunate for “us”, because this “imbecile” is running my country, Iran!

A simple-minded person is “not able to understand how complicated things are”, and therefore cannot be qualified to run a government that which run the affairs of the state, protect the rights of its people, defend the sovereignty of its nation over its natural resources and treasures, seas and ground borders, and so on and so forth. Ahmadinejad may be an imbecile, and I am sure he is, because of his silly, ideologolically- constructed slogans and speeches, and that’s why he is an ideologue, but having known that fact about him does not relief us from knowing that he is in power in Iran and has disregarded all nation’s right to exist with his ambitious plan of running the show with his paramilitary support. May be he thinks of this situation as a Coup d’etat, or may be I am wrong! But all I think is this that even “a simple minded person, with a simple-minded” approach has been capable of seizing an “opportunity,” and create a “situation” under which one may even dare to disregard his Excellency the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime!


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I have been a viewer of this blog, and i think you need to write up more often!