Monday, October 22

The Time Has Come...

It is time to take precise action(s) against the invasive regime that has occupied Iran for nearly three decades. Please, Read the Petition and if you felt that it spoke for You, then Sign it.

چو ایران نباشد تن من مباد
بدین بوم و بر زنده یک تن مباد


Anonymous said...

با درود بر شما؛،

ما هم امضاء کردیم.

شادی از تورنتوی اسلام پرست

RoxieAmerica said...

Isn't it chilling that the world seems to accepted religious-governments and all the dark ages things which accompany such a government as an acceptable form of Government to be protected by the United Nations?

If the religious-governments were civilized it may be different, but the revisiting of the dark ages is an anti-humanatarian thing do be doing.

Ever have supporters of religious-governments turn the truth of your writings into a lie, then condemn you for saying something you never said?

Bita said...

Dear Roxie:
It is the darnest thing.
How could a religious government be civilized, when its rules and regulations condemns what seems to be fair and just.

Winston said...

Signed... but wonder if Petitions can stop the regime

Roxie said...

They can't be civilized bita. I'll keep my twisted-pretzel life and chase high minded religious zealots who want to run my nation away.

Bita said...

Dear Winston:

It may not, but at the same time, we can do little things here and there to show that we can stand united in our fight against this invasive regime in Iran.


Bita said...

Roxie Jan,

You are a freedom fighter, and what you do is as great for the removal of the idiots from power.