Wednesday, October 3

There is No Title!

It’s been a long way to come this way, but, finally, I have come to believe that “we,” (and intentionally not in capital) the so called “Iranians,” in general, don’t give two-hoots about what is going to happen to Iran, or else we should have started our own “national protest against” the invaders, the Vali-e Faquih and his entourage of Mullahs, and their special army of dumb, stupid, imbeciles(the Sepah-e Pasdaran, also known as the Revolutionary Guard) “men of means and power”.

We don’t care, because we rather wait for a miracle of kind to save us from our misery; be it a transcendental work of magic or the interference of international powers, one of these two would work for most of “us”. And, “we”, simply, don’t like to think. It is either against our “religion” or “tradition” or it may simply be a very useless act to think, because “what’s the point. The situation is far more dangerous and ruined than a simple thinking can do for us”, has become our “natural respond”.

I can see how you are reacting to the above statements, and having said all of that, I need to conclude that that “we” in lower-case, should some day be “We” in upper-case, if and when “we” decide to think for ourselves, and make decision for ourselves and be dependent only on ourselves. Or other wise, “we” may as well get “smaller” and “smaller” because of our own national helplessness which has brought “us” to this state of national sedation.
“We,” the Iranians, have no option but to think, and think without any interference of rubbish, superstitious, and judge for ourselves if what “we” have now, at this very moment in Iran, is what “we” truly deserve to suffer from, and if that’s the case, why?

Think about the recent uprising in Burma. It is sometimes a blessing to be able to learn from other nations’ plight and triumphant events, as it is the only way we learn how to rely on ourselves to solve our own Nation’s Problem(s).



Anonymous said...

What you have expressed is true. If we were not act as bunch of indifferent people, we did not have to suffer from this Islamic regime for almost 30 yrs.

Thanks both of you

Shadi az Toronto.

RoxieAmerica said...

Excellent art work. It takes great courage, along with organization to push back against repressive leaders. It hard to watch people accept poor conditions in Iran -- but they do so in America too. Most of the nation opposes the Iraq war, yet the Iraq war continues. The gap between rich and poor grows, but nothing it done to reverse the trend. Medical care costs have risen out of control, but nothing has been done to address the rising costs that leaving more Americans without health insurance.

Iranians have tried previously and paid a price for opposing the religious dictators. It would help if they had more international support. It would help if they could unite into one voice.

So many talk, so few act... It is no easy task.

Bita said...

Dear Roxie :

What you have stated is so true and clear that I have nothing to add to it.
The Iranians have no option but to unite Against the Vicious Islamic Regime in Iran, or otherwise the Price would be far more greater than we expected it to be.

Thanks for your ever kind support.

Katayoun & Bita