Sunday, October 21

The October issue of the National Geographic

For those who do care about the Well-Being of the Planet, the October issue of the National Geographic—the official journal of the National Geographic Society-- is an excellent read. With an image of a “Poster: CHANGING CLIMATE”; a yellow corn that can be seen as our “Growing Fuel”, the Front-Page-Cover carries a certain message of Hope, the Rise of social awareness, the benefit of Alternative approaches and the Positive Attitude in Saving our much-damaged Environment from further irreparable destruction.

In this issue you will “learn” about the difference between a “hybrid” and a “subcompact diesel automobile”, read about the latest breakthroughs in dealing with “the Carbon Crisis” and “Biofuels”, and as you go further, you’ll learn about the latest scientific research on “Infectious Animals”, and their role in spreading “zoonotic diseases" to humans which can result in “pandemics”. And to make your journey through the pages of this magazine an adventurous one, for sure; you will be “entertained” by the tale of the Pirates of Malacca.

Stay healthy, happy and postive, while taking care of this world.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Our Environment is worth our attention.

Just I think about Iran's problems and wonder if there are concerned environmentalists who would pay attention to the country's failing health!