Tuesday, October 2

Dear Viewer...

Please note that the materials on this blog is considered to be the "intellecutal property" of Twoshorties, and therefore, any unauthorized use of these materials is not only considered to be "Theft", but it also is Prohibited.
From now on, whenever you feel like taking a post from Here and submitting it to a "Site", please do let us know. It is only a matter of courtesy to let the author(s) know where the "post" is going to end up! We have no desire to submit any piece of writing, either "significant," or otherwise to the infamous site :"Iranian.com"

With Many Thanks to Our Dear Friend SarbazeKuchak, whose support has been valuable.



Winston said...

lol... r u robbed?

Bita said...

Unfortuantely We are, dear Winston.

Babak said...

Help me to understand as why you have position against Iranian.com.

Bita said...

dear babak:

There are thousand reasons why I do not like the site, one of which is the fact that the entity is feed by those who are Islamic Republic's lobbiests.

Winston said...

Iranian.com is run by an ex-IRGC individual. I just dont know how he ended up being in the US

Babak said...

With all due respect, Iranian.com is a site that runs by a liberal democrat management.

It offers freedom to all on a relatively balance and fair practice. You can create your own blog there and freely publish your thoughts without any interference from management.

I honor your dislike. In spirit of freedom of speech and respecting an individual’s dignity and his right to pursue happiness, I am puzzled as what practice is this site conducting that draws elimination.

Please help me here.

Bita said...

Dear Winston:

This gus ending up in the US is one of the many wonders of this World!

Babak said...

Winston - For Iranian.com and being an X-IRGC, I must say that this is unfound allegation and baseless.

On contrary, my research assures me that the founder has been relentlessly working for freedom of Iranians from all sorts of dictatorships in last twelve years. I hear that his health of financial is very underprivileged in compare to his counterparts.

Again, my research on his site tells me that all allegations are baseless. He is not guiltily unless proven otherwise. Any rumors of these sorts are very reckless and foolish.

In spirit of freedom, you must back up your allegation with document.

katayoun said...

Babak Jan:

As I see you as a free-spirited person with great aptitude for honour, dignity and respect for your fellow being, I shall remain solid on my position with respect to the site, and at the same, i greatly respect you for holding on to your opinion regarding that site.

Let us stand as we are, and let us not forget that what is our difference of opinion with respect to the subject of our healthy inquiry, shall be examined through time, and each of us shall make his/her own conclusion.

Babak said...

Katayoun -

Defending his freedom is defending my freedom.

Put yourself in a court setting and you are a juror brooding over all evidences and rumors that leads to your lawful verdict. There is no factual evidence against Iranian.com. For seeking freedom as I believe you are a strong advocator, reconsider your decision with placing that absurd and unjust “boycott” massage of Iranian.com on your artistic and intellectual site.

I respect your opinion, however, your action of boycotting is not honored. I respectfully asked to help me to understand your logic and reasons so I become clear. Again, help me to understand. If not based on tangible evidence, please value his rights.

Twoshorties said...

Dear Babak,

I can see your point in your argument, “Defending his freedom is defending my freedom,” only I have to disagree with you on this point that I, at no point, seek any restriction to be put upon any one’s “Freedom”, let alone, relinquishing the right of the man to do what he is ought to do. The person who is running that site has every right to exercise his “freedom” as the rest of us do.

You have every right to consider my action of putting the logo on Without the Slightest Hesitation a dishonored one, or even hideous, but since I have no “defense” to present to you, I leave you, the reader and the judge of my action, to make your own choice and believe in what your mind decides.

I “value his right” (meaning the owner of the site) too, and believe that like I (and many other Iranians) he is entitled to do what he likes to do, but I do not feel obliged to align myself to that so-doing, and therefore, can have a “right” to claim that I don’t wish to be published by that site. It is a matter of choice that we are standing on where we are. I have every right to choose where I want to submit my own writing to; I don’t suppose that it is too much to ask?!

After all, if we all believe in “Democracy” and the “Rights” of an individual, we are obliged to start from ourselves. I write something, whether right or wrong, and put it on my site. You visit the site and read what I wrote, and decide whether or not what I have presented you is “good or bad”, “fair or unjust” and what have you. I cannot influence your mind, just as I cannot force you to see from my point of stand. In addition, Twoshorties, sincerely, thank you for your courage in expressing what you think, your constant support, your challenging comments, and your friendship.


Babak said...

For helping me to understand, please direct me to where Iranian.com is culprit of stealing.

katayoun said...


click on my original post (where you see the word "site") to see that, an "anonymous" person has submitted my post, without my consent.

Babak said...

I see your piece there and it is between quotations. At the very end, I noticed the source noted. Again, with due all respect, I see no wrongdoing or malicious conduct here. First of all, this is done by an anonymous person. Secondly, your site as source is referred appropriately. Thus, the evidence does not make Iranian.com guilty of your verdict. Iranian.com did not commit this posting so why they should be penalized for it by intelligent and fair minded persons as you are.

I see on Iranian.com voices can be heard (Democracy at its best) and its slogan is “nothing sacred”. They do not control postings. Postings are free. Try it once and be either you or an anonymous and your post will be there in split second. Or, you can register by any name with an e-mail address and start your own blogging without any inference from site management and have your content of your blog there published beside here if you wish.

I rest my points here and I do find all allegations towards Iranian.com baseless and without proof of evidence. I kindly plead you to drop your “Boycott” sign for them. Iranian.com may not be conducting their business to your satisfaction and that is honored. However, you and I are to defend their rights everywhere. I hope with having vast intellect and reasons you have shown to us on this site, you would display your proper action by removing that boycott sign.


katayoun said...


Aparently, we are on the opposite poles of the argument, and therefore, we should leave it at this point.

With all due respect for your comments and feedbacks, I am afraid, at this juncture, the decision with regard to the logo is certain.
I wish all those who do business with that site success in all avenues of life. There is no hard feelings; for each is his/her own judge. and I also would wish to do what I would like to do so.

And I hope that at the end of this disagreement, we still remain friends. For our True enemy is in Iran.

Babak said...

I appeal to you to state all your reasons publicly so you can see for yourself that they are not warranted based on facts but only rumors.

There is no single evidence here but falsely and baseless accusation. I see him and the Iranian.com on side of freedom and therefore, I can not close this subject.

If I do not fight for his freedom, I am damned and sure my own freedom will be taken away from me soon.

Free Speech, Freedom of expression and Freedom of Press have never been about getting along or agreeing with others. Nor are they about promoting unity within any community.

By a unknown person:

"First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up,
because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left
to speak up for me."

You are so valuable in this long and enduring path to freedom.

With using your good natured heart and great mind filled with reasons, after reviewing all pieces, please remove that unjust sign.

katayoun said...

The subject is closed. I am Free as You and The Rest of This World Claims to Be. I have a right to put a LOGO on My Site and If That's Not What You like, well...

The Visitors of this site, Range from Far Left to Far Right, even I have some Fundamentalists sending me Emails. So, Every one is wellcomed to say what they think is right, And I have a right to put whatever sign or picture I see appropriate on this site.

From MY Side, There has not been an accusation against anyone, So, Please do Not Try to Make It in To something that is not wellcomed. Please do not use the term "accusation" because in our longgggggg exchange of Ideas, there are no traces of Accusations.

IF you Believe in Freedom, You should Respect My Choice. And if You are not happy with this Site, then It is up to you to discontinue your visits.

Perhaps, If, I, at any point, come to a New Realization about your Appeal, then I would reconsider my decision.