Tuesday, September 18

To My Fellow-Iranian-Freedom Seekers:

Freedom is not a pre-packaged product that you purchase in black market, behind your own backyard. Freedom starts from within and gradually works its way outward, and then spread its wings over, and it thrives on acknowledgement, self-reliance, and willingness to sustain it. Freedom is a process, not a complete product, and therefore cannot be given to, or bestowed upon a nation. Or at least that's what I think!


Babak said...

As for what we seek:

"Freedom, in an absolute sense, can only exist with one person living in total isolation. As soon as you have a plurality of people then the rights of the individuals become restricted at the advantage of the collective right of the plurality. This inhibition or restriction of individual rights must be observed in favor of the plurality otherwise you end up with anarchy. Democracy is the fragile balance of individual rights, not in conflict but in concert with the collective rights of a society. Democracy as implemented in its various forms has deficiencies but has the mechanism of reform built into it and, everyone can participate and affect a change by the rule of majority."

I do not know where I got from!

Also, safegurding rights of minority. Most importantly, we seek freedom to reform laws of society.

Bita said...

Babak Jan:

The quotation really demonstrates what Freedom means. I think Sartre and Derida have stated similar re-definition of the meaning of the quotation.

And I am 100% with you on "safegurading the right of minority" and in addition I believe in defining "concepts" that are in application in our culture. The Literature of our Freedom seekers and Democracy-lovers should accommodate the long desired-change, and therefore the re-definition of socio-political concepts will pave the way for the arrival of the new era in the history of our homeland, Iran

serendip said...

Excellent. Thank you

serendip said...

"Liberty is when you're not afraid of the governmnet but the government is afraid you"--Thomas Jefferson

Bita said...

Serendip Jan: