Wednesday, September 12

Living life, no matter what!

Life without its challenges is not worth our living It.


Anonymous said...

good to see that you are still here. I was worried.


Anonymous said...

"Man was made for action, and to promote by the exertion of his faculties such changes in the external circumstances both of himself and others, as may seem most favourable to the happiness of all." I guess this is by Adam Smith.

You are great.

"Let your life speak"


Bita said...

Shadi Jan:

We are still here, and have no intention to leave! By the bye, your good words and thoughts are always wellcome with gracious feeling and genuine gratitude.

Babak Jan:

The quotation nails on the importance of "action" and the use of "faculties" in creating changes that are longed desired.
Thanks for your ever-right-on-the-spot comments, your warmth and sincere expressions.