Sunday, September 9


Our future generations will be left with a legacy of dictatorship, destruction and hatred for our fellow being, our country, and our world, if we don’t act now. Perhaps to some of you, the kind of “opinion” is “Too Romantic and Idealistic”, but to people like myself, it is a dream not-far-fetched, to save Iran from a dark future.

The Wide-Wide-Wide-World is no longer Wide, merely as big as a Village and it is getting smaller by the minute, and in that process many boundaries are pushed, and many else are collapsed. In this rush we need to hear the beat of the time in our heart, and grove to that tune, to that rhythm and rhyme, only to test our skills, to pave the path that leads to freedom, and to prove that we can Do it, we need to have a Collective Will that which will depend on our own Knowledge. The Enlightened self will do it, and perhaps by then we can leave a Legacy that is worth the Keeping


Babak said...

It is time to demand from ourselves and every Iranian to organize jointly the most democratic entity aboard in drafting a new constitution for a liberal democracy that can assure freedoms for all. No dictatorship of any kind. We are sick of every kind of dictatorships whether being workers, faith lovers, king lovers, and so forth. And, it must be addressed blatantly that only Iran is the nation’s interest. Only under liberal democracy, every group can coexist.

Aboard assures leaders safety and freedom of speech. Technology can get Iranians from Iran to participate interactively. Freedom lovers from every country can assist this aspiration to reality.

Long Live Iran. Long live liberty.

Bita said...

I agree with you, and think that your suggestion is rational, logical and doable.