Monday, August 20

You want education?

My dear viewers,

If you think that you are destined to join the Hawza, please do come to Windsor, Canada and become a member of the institute that which forges "clergymen (ulama) who provide proper religious education and guidance to the Muslim community of North America".

By the way, while in Windsor you may get lucky and meet a devotee of Hezbollah too!



SERENDIP said...

How sad for Canada.

Babak said...

Dear Katayoun,

Many entities’ expenditures exceed millions of dollars in advertising to bring people to their sites or location such as Disneyland, or say Paris and New York. Saudis and their collaborators in Iran and elsewhere have been doing the exact same marketing for centuries for attracting people to Mecca, House of God in a box. In a plain field context, I can understand this advertising scheme be used by all. However, one is legitimate business and the other is charlatan business. I am not picking only on Islam. This is also valid in case of Vatican.

In case of Saudi Arabia and their collaborators in Iran in a mafia style business so called Haj Pilgrim Caravans ought to keep under privileged Iranians away from education and descent standard of life status so that their business continues to generate billions of dollars. Now, they wish is worldwide manipulation of under privileged populace.

All countries must bear in mind that civilized Iranians were eventually became hostage to this Islamic cult gradually. And, any country deems not to support Iranians against this brutal Islamic cult must be at asleep.

Bita said...

Serendip Jan,

For a "peace-keeping" nation, it is a "sad" situation.

Dear Babak
With respect to the business side of the religious institutions, i can see your point. But, with respect to Islam, the economic gain for some may cause the others grave loss. And that's something businessmen of significant connexion will not consider so.


saggezard said...

This is called lower education opposed to higher education.

Bita said...


I agree with you, and hope that we can find it in our heart to do something about it.


Anonymous said...

death to the regime, hezbollah, and all who have created this monster.