Tuesday, August 7

When will you stop being the audience ?

During the past few weeks, the world of virtual reality was filled with images and stories regarding recent executions in Iran. Indeed, this is not a first time that the Islamic Invaders of Iran execute Iranians in the name of whatever they want. In fact, this regime thrives on and circulates its disgusting existent on the blood of Iranians on a daily bases. What is sad to see is that after thirty years of watching public executions, there are still some people (living in Iran) who attend these events and witness such barbaric actions.

One may wonder:
  • Haven’t they seen enough blood shed, already?
  • Don’t they know their presence shall add to the number of supporters of such actions?
  • How would they feel if it was their own dearest’s execution, would they have walked openly to watch the event?
  • Why do they take their small children to witness such vicious action?
  • Why do they fill up their psyche with dehumanized scenes?


RoxieAmerica said...

All very good questions.

serendip said...

Indeed! When will this evil end?

serendip said...

Katayoun or Bita: Read this exchange between Nazy and I. I find it appalling:


Anonymous said...


Your questions are thought-provoking. thanks.

Your one and Only Sister!

Bita said...

dear serendip,

I visited Nazy's blog and found her explanation absuletly eye-opening about Sigheh and its implications on both sexes in Iran. And like you, i saw the application of Sigheh appalling. It is most disturbing to know that even the so called "educated" women and men of certain class have adopted to the rules of society, just to protect themselves from state's and authorities'watchful eyes.
This is a serious problem; a social issue intermixed with religious beliefs creates absolute degradation and chaos.

thanks for the link. as always you are kind.