Thursday, August 30

We Shall Remember...

We stand united with parents, brothers and sisters, friends and relatives of the innocent victims of the Islamic Regime in Iran.



Babak said...

Thanks for being on top of this day. September 1st is the International Day in Remembrance of the Massacre of political prisoners declared by Amnesty International.

The 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran was a vicious crime against humanity. It is important to recognize that Fascist Ayatollah Khomeini was not the only culprit of the crimes; in fact many others were involved. And, similar crimes in less degree continued after his death in 1988 and to date it is still continuing.

In the nineteenth year of the massacre, many thousands of Iranians' families who lost their loved ones in summer of 1988 wish the international judicial authorities to establish a tribunal to bring those genocide criminals of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Occupiers of our land) to justice. They must be punished according to the same international laws which condemned the Nazi criminals in 1946 in the Nüremberg Court.

Iranians can not be Iranian in their own country. Free world must not close their eyes on plights of Iranian citizens. Full International support must be given to Iranian democratic and freedom seekers.

We will never forget the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.

Bita said...

Thanks Babak,

This is the least we can do for those who became LEGENDS.

Anonymous said...

درود بر آنانکه در راه میهن سر بدار شدند.

شادی از تورنتو

Anonymous said...

مرگ بر رژیم سفاک و جنایتکار اسلامی/

درود بر Twoshorties

serendip said...

This is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks. Bita jan, you're brilliant.