Thursday, August 16

This is what some of us think

Babak is on of our viewers who expresses his thoughts, feelings and rationale, and we would like you to read what he has to say. Babak's sentiments are shared by many of us who are concerned about the future of Iran.

And here is what Babak said...
You are great. Truth must be uttered. The free world should have recognized the Islamic Republic of Iran as a terrorist state from early years of 1979-1980. Its constitution clearly had portrayed a foreign religion-fascist, and despotic theocracy system that experienced Europeans were very much familiar with its undoubtedly ensuing catastrophic outcome not just to Iranian people but also to the value of humanity and international laws. A disaster for all free and democratic seekers! In Free world, free people closed their eyes to Iranians wishing for democracy and freedom. Mass massacres of Iranians by savage Islamists on early years of their establishment went unanswered by the free world. The Islamists’ death squads went rampant in free world in eliminating Iranians’ oppositions. Again, the free world was silent.
In 1989, another mass murder of intellectuals and opposition took place. Once more, the free world kept quite. Today, the same type elimination by this “religion” is taking place. The free world for a piece of pie from the Iranian’s wealth has pumped air into lungs of these tyrannical clans of Islam cult.Today more than ever, the international communities need to rally and support Iranians against this brutal cult of Islam. Iranians have been a great nation in participating for betterment of our global community in every facet of life for more than 3000 years. The Islamists started with genocide of Iranians from the first day of its inception and it is continuing to date. How long more, we ought to suffer before the entire world to wake up to our predicament in getting us free from the repression of this death and dark black cult. How long more, the free world wants to be numb to our sufferings.


serendip said...

Fantastic write up. Bravo Babak. I love how you frame Khomeini's thugs as 'death squads'. That is truly the most appropriate name so far. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"The truth is not so much that man has conscience as that conscience has man."
-Isaac Dorner

Babak said...

Ba Dorood to Katayoun and Bita. The free world must assert their full military support to Iranians for preservation of Iran’s sovereignty during their struggle against this existing multi faceted mafia styled fascist theocracy regime for a free and democratic Iran.