Thursday, August 23

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Anonymous said...

We also find a sword on lion's hand on Iranian flag (the flag with Arabic Allah in middle is a disgrace).

The sword is not Iranian at all. There is a real Iranian flag is called "Derafsh Kaviani". You can see it on Google. Just type the name and search.

Bita said...

Dear anonymous,

we have seen Derafsh-e Kaviani. What we meant for posting these pictures (the art) were to bring it into attention the "historical" hatred for Iran and Iranians.

Anonymous said...

The historical hatred for Iran and Iranians is understood. My point was to get away from this cultivated hate among Iranians by Arab invaders, the sword must also be dropped from our flag. The sword does not qualify as a symbol to be a representative of our culture.

Bita said...

dear anonymous:

i can see your point with respect to "the sword" as a symbol of violence, yet in some ancient cultures (such as Celt, Scots, Nordic, and Germanic, Semitic, and...)the sword signifies bravery, and courage.

Our aim, in this blog, is to point out the obvious, not to "cultivate hatred", for we don't give way to irrationality, unjust expression, and unsolicited exmotional assertion.

we appreciate your comments, and your follow-up.

Payandeh Basheed


SERENDIP said...

Sword is the symbol of Islam and I think it should be dropped.

Bita said...

Serendip Jan,

I think in the near future if things get to settle, by the Iranians, then we can all go for a symbol that which signifies a cultural attribution of Iran.


Anonymous said...

I find debating on these issues very healthy.

Islamic Iran will not last since it only offers backwardness.

So, debating what we want becomes more important.