Thursday, August 2

Second Islamic Revolution

Another Iranian Winter
By: Roxie Howard

I shiver for the people of the nation
In the winter of Mullah occupation
Ice-cold snakes of abomination
Spawning drifts of trepidation
A second Islamic revolution
A second winter of pollution
A halo and a final solution
Citizens die by cold execution
Basiji icicles pierce family life
Injustice coldly stones a young wife
Citizens swing from cranes stone cold
In the name of God we are told
A blizzard of extremist obsession
Brings drifts of press suppression
And the chill of forced confessions
Freezing solid freedom of expression
A biting wind rages
Citizens kept in cages
As winter marries the dark ages
On the frostbitten Mullah stages
The blizzard of Mullah dismay
Brought icy perversion and decay
So many good souls led astray
Yet spring shall melt it all away


Bita said...

wiht my greatest thank to our dear friend RoxieAmerica, who has effortlessly, been by our side.

Bita said...

and yes "the spring shall melt it all away".

SERENDIP said...

Excellent. I'm glad you posted this.

RoxieAmerica said...

It is tiny thing I do, the least a person can do.

Anonymous said...

Mullah occupation! For 29 years, Iranians have attacked "inhah" and mullahs but not the real enemy. Inside this wardrobe, the real enemy Islam with its backwardness and set of rules and laws live and breathe.

As for Islam, this is it. There is no better Islam.

First thing is to know the adversary very well.

As for writing of this piece, I here forward my gratitude to its writer.

RoxieAmerica said...

I thank anonymous for his or her gratitude. It was my pleasure to write the poem and my wish is for an Iran free of religious dictatorship.