Tuesday, August 14

The Scholar

A few days ago, a friend advised me to “ease off for awhile and write about other things”. And I thought about what he told me, and thought it twice over, before I wrote this post. I am absolutely aware and appreciative of the fact that the piece of advice which was given to me was well-meant, but I am also aware of the “time” that we are living through, and would like to have a “voice” to shout out loud and “express my disgust” at what I have encountered. So, I have to “ignore” the precious advice and get on with what I have in mind.

The “Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research” (qabas) is a heck of an Institution with a row of absentee scholars, who are trained in “various fields,” and have developed themselves in “various disciplines of the humanities so that they can explore Islamic perspective on the relevant topics”.

To name a few scholars who had been “trained in various fields” and then sent off abroad, to the Western World, where they stayed and received post-graduate degrees from credential “Western” Institutes, I start with the men, the-dazzling-starts-in-the-sky-of-the-Islamic-Republic-of-Iran, those who obtained their Ph.D. degrees from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Washington, and Huston:

Mohammad Javad Zareaan : “Islamic Values and Their Reflection in the Iranian Elementary Textbook: Islamization in post.Rv Iran”(!)

Mahmood Namazee: (Ph.D. in progress)

Mohammad Fanaeei Ashkouree: “Secondary Intelligible”

Sayed Mohammad Reza Hejazee: “the Place of God’s Love; a comparative study of Islam and Christianity” (!!). Now works for the “Islamic Centre of Washington”.

Abdol Hassan Haghanee: The Cultural Attaché of the Islamic Republic who is involved in Iranian School in Ottawa.

Mohammad Nasser Saghay-e Bee Ria: “Moral Education in Islamic School in U.S. also works at the Islamic Institute in Texas.

Sayed Mohammad Kazem Mesbah Mossavi
: “A Critical Analysis of Dougals J. Halls Contextual Theology”. He runs the Islamic Centre of Imam Ali, in Toronto, Canada.

The list continues on. And I only have one question: Do you think that Khomeini’s institute is capable of training “scholars” suitable to teach your kids?



SERENDIP said...

Great post. I'm glad you didn't listen to your friend. Thanks.

Bita said...

Serendip Jan,

One cannot be conservativea bout issues such as this one. I have no choice but to go on.

Thanks for your on-going support


Bita said...

Dear Katayoun
Thank you for this informative post. First of all, I find it an impossibility to create any kind of link between Islam and Philosophy. Philosophy thrives on questioning yet within Islamic tradition no body has a right to ask question. Most of these names regarding your post have been receiving their degrees from Mc Gill university. What is up with Mc Gill university? I would be interested to know how theses fascist Mullahs get to this university? Who is their connection? From Qum to Mc Gill, sounds wild.


Bita said...

Bita Jan,

Apparently, western universities are thrilled to have these bright students from Hozey-e Elmiye Qom


PS: Nothing is free any more, not even the education