Thursday, August 9

The Old Stoic


The Old Stoic

Riches I hold in light esteem;
And Love I laugh to scorn;
And lust of fame was but a dream
That vanished with the morn:

And if I pray, the only prayer
That moves my lips for me
Is, 'Leave the heart that now I bear,
and give me liberty!'

Yes, as my swift days near their goal,
'Tis all that I implore;
In life and death, a chainless soul,
With courage to endure.

posted by Katayoun


Anonymous said...

Bita Jan,

Many thanks to you for your inspiring artistic, and well-thought contributions to our blog.

Your one and Only Sis

Bita said...

Katayoun, my wonderful sister, My Images would not have existed, if your writings weren’t thoughtful and well researched.


RoxieAmerica said...

Lovely poem and I enjoy your art.

Bita said...

Dear Roxieamerica, thanks, you are kind.

serendip said...

Thank you Kathy jan. I needed an uplifiting poem like this to lessen the despair I've been feeling lately.

Bita Jan: The art is superb. You should start your own website with your artwork.

Bita said...

Serendip-e Gerami,

We all need to revitalize at one point. Otherwise, this battle will be a lost one


Bita said...

Dear Serendip, you never know. I might just listen to your advise! Katayoun and I do appreciate your continuous support.