Sunday, August 5

For the sake of a rotten ideology...

Khomeini’s hostility towards Iranians’ intellectual activities, and scientific endeavors, and cultural progress was a religious reaction, on his part, to all things that challenged his rotten beliefs.

Like all Fanatics, Khomeni detested all things that appealed to the truly-educated- free-spirit-people, and was incapable of conceiving notions that were strange to him. His fear of “reason”, “accountability”, “fairness”, “progress”, “prosperity”, was the very projection of his own ignorance, of his inability to understand and respect people’s needs that which were secondary to his Faith. His only talent, however, was to act as Iran’s only Moral Entrepreneur, and following his nonsensical orders and commands, went herds of men and women through an Islamic-filtering-process, so brutal in tone and in application that it “cleansed the education system” in a way that was perceived as “religiously revolutionary”.

The intention of this brief note is not to make a study of what had happened during that two-years-of-cultural-revolution in Iran, and how it did happen—although the whole thing requires, in all fairness, an in-depth study of the issue of “cultural revolution” and its impact on Iranian’s education system. With intensive focus on the crucial elements that played part in satisfying Khomeini’s need for establishing his Islamic Empire of atrocity, viciousness, and propaganda, one certainly shall understand the effect of that Fascist-cultural-revolution and its aftermath throughout Iranian society.

To give you a hint of Khomeini’s view on education and those who inquired knowledge and were eager to satisfy their own thirst for intellectual activities, it is most appropriate to use his own words and expression (a very careful translation, not transliteration of his words) and see how he saw the world through the eye of a needle.

Khomeini, in one of his speeches in the beginning of his famous “cultural cleansing” asserts:
“We don’t want the kind of universities whose slogan is ‘progressed and prosperous Iran, and we want to move towards the great civilization’. In principle, we oppose the kind of establishment. We need professors who are not leaning towards either East or West.”

Or in another speech about the same issue he aims his anger at those intellectuals who rose in opposition against him, and states that, “whatever has befallen this nation is because of the meddling of these so called intellectuals in our affairs. We don't need them, and we ought to rid of them for the sake of our dear Islam.”

Do you think I need to explain more?



RoxieAmerica said...

Quoting: "We don't need them, and we ought to rid of them for the sake of our dear Islam.”

The statement says much about religious terrorists who seek to empose their perverted form of religion on the world by use of barbarianism.

Bita said...

Dear Roxie,

The statement reveals great disdain for "civilized society".

Babak said...

Khomeini and Islam’s dogmatic and backwardness started with populism among massive less privileged Iranians and transitioned to immeasurable ruthless mafia styled clientelism in every corner of Iran, and eventually to today’s militarization of the government by barbaric thugs (Islamic Republic of Iran) under pretext of worldwide Islam.

This path was exactly the same passageway Mohammad went through with raising flag of Islam and sword. This is Islam and its offering to mankind and society every time and everywhere it marches. It is a cult with a beginning and end so clear to observant minds. That is why you do not find one single Islamic utopia anywhere after fourteen centuries.

We, Iranians, have been hostage to this Islamic cult. Our ancestors were inhumanly converted from fear of beheading, rape, maiming, and loss of personal belongings. Being hostage under insistence of fear for so long causes illusion about captors. Iranians have been super kind with their attempts to reform and modernize this cult and it has been proven fruitless. We must not sympathize with our bloody and repressive Islamist’s captors any longer. We must stop humanizing this cult with our goodness. We must claim our freedom from this dark and sickening virus once and all and return to frame of mind of free person with believing on benevolent creator in assisting us to happiness and light.

Bita said...

Babak-e Gerami,

Your point is legitimate with respect to the history of the development of Islam in Iran.


serendip said...

Bravo Kathy jan and Babak. Thank you both.

serendip said...

Katayoun jan: Ba ejazeh man in post ra midozdam. Thank you...LOL