Tuesday, July 10

The product of a convoluted ideology

When a government such as Ahmadinejad’s makes an “official confession” to the public, one immediately thinks that something smelly has just hit the fan.
The news is that an official confession was made by Ahmadinejad’s administration with regard to the recent increase of the inflation in Iran.

I personally do not like confessions, because they are almost never done in the spirit of contrition; and by contrition I mean the awakening of mind, and the use of intelligence for further conducts. But if the confessions are not made in the spirit of contrition, then why bother to babble them out? Don’t we believe that, when action counts, talk becomes a cheap commodity? However, some people believe that confessing one’s sin will help cleanse the consciousness, although I almost believe that in the case of Ahmadinejad, the consciousness had nothing to do with the confession.

Ahmadinejad’s administration’s sole function is to feed the machinery of propaganda. But then again when I think twice about the usage of propaganda to meet an end, then I realize that it has been the way for this Islamic Regime to rely on the machinery of propaganda. In fact the nation has proved to have a big appetite for propaganda, ever since the “triumph of the revolution”.

Ahmadinejad’s zeal for propaganda has no end, that’s a proven point. But we cannot blame him for being who he really is. He is only a product of a convoluted ideology, established by an Imam who believed that only donkeys specialized in economy.

In conclusion, I think that we have no right to scrutinize Ahmadinejad or his administration’s personnel for being propagandists, fascists, bunch of irreverent, stupid, and delusional “men in power”, because they are what their belief tells them to be.



serendip said...

Yet another excellen post. Today, the vile barbarians in Iran have announced that a man has been stoned to death for committing adultery.

This is a departure from a period of about five years during which Iran claimed that it had stopped stoning people to death. Of course, hangings, whippings, beatings, imprisonment, and other assorted tortures have always continued apace.

How did the Iranian people allowed this to happen. What we need to do now is Stand Up take a stance for the country. The mullahs are about to destroy the country with their warmongering. The Iranian government is desperate to provoke the West to win back friends in the Islamic world, and to quell growing unrest at home. Subsidizing food and gas, providing billions for terrorists and building nukes all cost money at a time when the state-run Iranian economy is in shambles.
The predicament of the Iranian leadership is that instead of performing its duties of bringing about security, creating job opportunities, providing the people with a dignified life, promoting culture and industrializing the nation, it has occupied itself with preaching and guidance whilst Iran suffers a real crisis/threat both internally and externally.

serendip said...

off topic: I think you guys might want to watch this:


Until Iranian people can talk and sing like this, they don't have the right to criticize American democracy.

Bita said...


I absolutely agree with you that Iranians need to focus on their onw troubles and take care of thier own lives insted of scrutenizing American culture or anything that belongs to other cultures.
The thing is that someone like that so called Iranian women's advocate, Shirin Ebadi's comments about American Culture and Foreign policies made some Iranians took it upon themselves to criticize the very culture they have been admiring the most.