Sunday, July 15

Our Iranian Metamorphosis

It is nearly three decades since we (Iranians) have uprooted ourselves from our Home, and wrapped our weak, afflicted Stem inside the quilt of Migration, and in the search of a better soil, we entered a beautiful garden, and let our roots run under its red soil. We ate our hearts out, we tried, and we rose above and toward the sun, which was hidden behind the clouds, to benefit from its warmth, even though it was not much. We achieved certain growth, and we changed, but in a most astonishing form; we no longer have a clear image of who we are supposed to be!

We washed the corner of our eyes, and watched the world around us with half-opened eyes, but we still did not know how to see. We decided to turn away from History, and get rid of Geography, so we destroyed all the boundaries and got lost in the haze of the moment, and found ourselves again only to realize that we had been lost.

We abandoned Literature and declared ourselves Liberal, and then we produced our own Liberal Literature. We disappointed all those who were free, wise, and lastly we got rid of those who were trying to discover certain truths, without any peculiar tendentious thoughts, and we declared ourselves proud. We hung all the wondering dervishes from ancient scaffolds; those who had particular zeal to exist, we exterminated them. We had knowledge but decided to draw back. We did not know a thing, but decided to go ahead, anyways. We were leaders while in reality we were the followers. And in doing all these things, we declared Chulou Kabob as our National Food.

We forgot our Metamorphosis; we failed to remember how we deceived ourselves and wore the King’s famous “gown.” We failed to remember how we went into hiding, and when the time was as right as it could had been, we reappeared again. We forgot how those tiny drops of water can turn into a big Sea, make beautiful and fearful waves. We forgot all about the transformation of calm waves into a big nasty storm.

We forgot how we were deceived, how we entered the “other’s” game. We were so na├»ve, so simpleton, and did not know the game. We forgot how in a very short-lived-night a nine year old girl turned into a mature woman, and “legally,” prepared to be married to a man; a monster, a sick soul. We forgot how and according to what peculiar “laws” of state, we became “eligible to be caged in, cast off.” We even forgot to ask: “who took the toy away from that ten year old boy and gave him a gun, a real killing machine, and encouraged him to kill, and if necessary to die for his “belief.”

We were confined, and then we were free. We were free and all of sudden no more. And then with the hope of a little calmness, we experienced the eternal ecstasy of numbness.
Don’t we wonder why?



Anonymous said...

simply amazing prose. I loved it. it is simple the story of "us".


Anonymous said...

as an Iranian i can see your point; but some of us had not lost our integrity and soul, you know. I can see that we have lost a great deal, but we can remain hopeful, don't you think?


serendip said...

Excellent post and excellent questions that I have been asking myself for sometimes now.

How did we get here? What happened to us? How could we be stoning people to death in a land where fundamentals of democracy appeared more than 2500 years ago? Abbas Milani answers some of these questions in his book "Lost Wisdom" but does not really address why we have not taken responsibility for 'losing the wisdom'. Until we do take responsibility and own up to our mistakes, we will not be able to forge a clear path we'll never *find* ourselves.

The first step toward this process is admitting it and the second step is to identify the how's and the why's and the third step is to use that knowledge to never again allow ourseleves to stay quiet when faced with forces that are bent on annihilating our basic humanity and integrity.

Can we do that? Can we salvage the truth we have lost. If we don't find the truth, we're doomed to be lost souls for eternity.

All odds are against us, I fear.

Anonymous said...

I do not think we are lost. We are still looking for truth and answer as how to become free and proud again. This is happening whether we are in Iran or elsewhere.

NowRouz tells us all who we are. We are Iranian. The key is to keep celebrating. Even in our fight for our beliefs, we ought to do it with our spirit of happiness and music of victory.

This Iranian seed is now internationally grown. The Iranian force within us will get us there.

Sing, dance, write, and fight.

SERENDIP said...

anon: I love your optimism...I'll try to be less grim about the state of affairs in Iran...LOL Thank your for the link. It aptly describes the nation's psyche.

Bita said...

shadi jan: it was hard for me to do this post, but i had to get it out, somehow.

shahram-e gerami:
we should remain hopeful, or else we die of disappointment.

serendip-e mehrban
we have no option but to remain focus, and do what we can. this is it. this is our fight and we have to win it. the last generation of "western-educated people ruined the country", so some would say, now it is time for "you and I" to do the repair. we can and should do it.

dear anonymous:

In my opinion, Iranians, myself included, should learn when to think, say and do the appropriate thing. there is time for dancing and celebration as there is time for collective effort to do something that is required of us.


Winston said...

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