Thursday, July 26

What did your grandparents say...?

My maternal grandfather said that, “if you were to remove Khomeini’s turban, you would read this: Made in England”. My paternal grandmother said that, “the doomsday is approaching our country’s horizon,” when Khomeini’s plan hit the Mehrabad’s grounds.
What did your grandparents say when the Imam of all those who were ready to destroy Iran, without the slightest feelings of compassion and apathy, came back to Iran?



SERENDIP said...

Bita jan: Man ke mordam az in hame zibayee karet...LOL

My grandparents always were weary of those who wore their religion on their sleeves.

Bita said...

Serendip گرامی:
خداوند نکند که کار من مایه نبود شما گردد.
سپاسگزارم از مهر همیشگی شما.