Tuesday, July 3

Music for you and I

Music lives within us; for man, before conveying his thoughts in words, used musical instruments to express his feeling. Only later on, Lyric became an essential part of a person’s personal feelings and thoughts, while composing “music”.

Music is a great part of our daily lives. Each individual is attuned to appreciate music in a very unique way, for music has a magical effect on each being in a different way. Some of us like to indulge in Classics, while others enjoy Folk. Some of us can’t live without Jazz (Bita is a great fan) while others like to mellow down to the tune of Blues. Younger generations would like to begin their morning with Hip Hop, Pop, Retro, and Rap, while their older siblings listen to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, just as their Hippie-Baby boomer parents find their peace in New Age and Mix.
Even those who live in small villages, or in farms or in the middle of Sahara still indulge in types of music that are inspired by nature’s melodious elements.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, try to listen to music; let melody and lyrics take you beyond your imagination, and only then you will be elated.



Anonymous said...

I like what you've written about music.


Bita said...

Shadi Jan,

Sometimes I think that music is in our blood; all beings enjoy melody!

SERENDIP said...

Great post. Bita, I think you're right. It seems we're intrinsically wired to gravitate toward music and dancing.

Bita said...
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