Tuesday, July 24

A Monster in Disguise

It is a well-known fact that Khomeini’s only joy in life was to remain hateful towards people in general; because that was the only way by which he knew how to seek “pleasure”. Nothing mattered to him, but himself. If you ask me why, I would say that he was his own object of desire; a monster in disguise.

Some believe that Khomeini suffered from a progressed case of Sadism that which was manifested in his thirst for blood, his need for absolute power, his disdain for humanity, individuality, creativity, and the free expression of mind.
But some believed him to be a Moral Entrepreneur, with a twisted mind. A natural-born-killer, with an extraordinary talent for asserting rubbish, Khomeini never gave up what he wished to achieve. Nothing mattered to Khomeini; not even the very “Divine Authority” under Whose Tent he was leaning against the soft cushion of Islam.

In reality, Khomeini was the very product of an infested ideology of dominance, and hatred. A great personification of Evil, Khomeini was presented by a group of academic-elite-western-educated-son-of-the-moslem-brethrens-of-bazzar--a religiously bourgeoise society—to the naïve, goodhearted-religiously-brainwashed-ordinary-citizens of Iran as their Imam. Nothing satisfied Khomeini but the total destruction of Iran, its people, its resources, its image and its role in this global village, and nothing had he done during his ten-year-reign to prove my argument otherwise.

Khomeini’s legacy of hate, destruction, belligerence, and doom still cast its gloomy shadow on Iranians’ lives. His devotees, those who have attained total power in the name of protecting “Islamic Republic and its dignity” in Iran, the likes of Sepah-e Pasdaran, the President, the Hard and Soft-liners, have done exactly what had been expected of them by their Imam. Khomeini’s movement has promoted nothing but shameless destruction, rise of national and international alienation, misery and pain and has claimed the lives of thousand of innocent Iranians, not only in Iran, but also beyond the border of the invaded country.

As it has been argued, Khomeini’s idiosyncrasies could not be met by any ordinary effort, and since the satisfaction of his own desires far preceded that of Iranians’ wishes, he pushed, more and more, for total self-satisfaction. Creating the Islamic Republic was only a stepping stone, on which he stood and took a deep breath before he proceeded with his plan. And when he declared himself as the only Trustee of the Devine Power on earth, the Iranians took a deep breath, before they plunged into total darkness.

Andrew Young, the US ambassador and President Carter’s special convoy to the UN (1977), asserted that, “Khomeini’s movement (!) Has been influenced by an American Educational System, and it’s inspired by it. What I can say is that this Revolution’s ideals are the same as the ideals of all human right advocates. When this Revolution settles (entering its fourth stage, which it never did!), then the whole world will realize that Khomeini is one of our Contemporary’s Saints" (Tavalodi Digar, 486).

As far as “Khomeini’s movement” was concerned, it was “with the greatest regret that it came to existence” and was backed by those who truly did not know that you cannot create chaos and live outside of it! As for the “influence of an American Educational System,” and the “inspiration” drawn from them, one cannot ignore the fact that many of the “elites of the revolution” were “international students” at “this and that university” in the United States of America, and Europe. (Only a few months ago, at Harvard they received Khatami with certain delicate-academic manner. Let’s not forget his full “Security Protection” while visiting the States. Also let’s be aware of the fact that European academia should be also applauded for their effort to contribute to that “movement”).

As for “the ideals of human right’s advocates”, one would hope that a “special convoy to the UN” should have been more compassionate about the issue of “human right’s plight” which was (and still is) at hand. Less than a month after the commencement of the “movement” and the return of its “Spiritual Leader”, there were celebrations of “joy” which were adorned with sacrificial humans; blood, and mass hysteria were the order of the “movement”. Those who worked under the previous regime were arrested, beaten up, did not stand a chance to stand a “trail”, never mind its fairness, and with a “bullet or two” were sent to “hell”. Their families mourned in silence, Iranians were shocked, and the whole world stood in an awe of such “movement”. One may dare to ask, “Have you ever seen any human right’s advocate who would go for such celebration and jubilation of an angry-bloodthirsty mob, whose leader did not feel at ease until he got rid of all the “culprits of the great Satan”?

In less then two years after the establishment of the Islamic Empire of Khomeini and his team, the Iraqi’s army attacked Iran, and there commenced a “seven-year-war” that which, if the Iranian army had not been destroyed by the way of that “movement”, did not have a precedent to occur. A tragedy of death and blood begun; Khomeini led a crusade against his opponents, only to achieve his “Sainthood”, Saddam Hossein made himself the next project of those who had their eyes on the region, while thousand and thousand of Iranians, and Iraqis banished away from the face of the earth. According to a report published in 1980s by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, “Thirty-one countries benefited” from that war “by selling weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran”, among which there stand these names: “the United States of America, the former Soviet Union, China, Germany, France, United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the former independent republic of Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Syria, Northern Korea, South Korea, Philippine, Taiwan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Southern Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Algeria, Libya, and Ethiopia”.

The Revolution has yet to settle. The Islamic Republic is yet to crumble. And certain “prophecies” about the establishment of such Fascist state in the Middle East, have proved to be a Historic, shameful, disgusting political manipulation, a bad Lie.

Today, in Iran, what we see and criticize is the exact manifestation of Khomeini’s illusion of his Empire; his dream of achieving a certain glory for Islam, and for that, a nation has been paying the highest price. With their blood, their soul, Iranians have become the “humble servants” of that Republic of Velayat-e Faquih. The sad thing, however, is that, a sick man, a mad-man-of-God, a mentally disturbed human being was able to establish a state, get ride of all those who protested against the rise of his theocratic regime in Iran. In conclusion, Khomeini created a Totalitarian regime armed with powerful Ideological weapons of mass destruction. Do we dare to praise this one?



Anonymous said...

this is brilliant. It is a knock out piece about that sick man, and those who have helped him become that.


PS: You are a hell of a writer, i mean it,

Bita said...

Dear Shadi,

Thanks for your comment. those who had and have supported his ideas were as sick as him.


SERENDIP said...

Absoultely fantastic. I'm glad you're blogging again. "Natural Born Killer", he was. A true evil.

SERENDIP said...

Kathy jan: with your pemission, I borrowed your post because I think it's important for everyone to know who this mosnter was.

Bita said...

my dearesr Serendip,

Your kind support is beyond words, and expression. thank you

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Anonymous said...

The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible ".