Saturday, July 14

Living in a "Multicultural society"...

I, personally, have nothing against “Multicultural societies”; in fact I even live in one, and try to enjoy every moment of living in this colourful diversity of tastes, of styles, of behaviors and traditions. But I do have an objection to the very notion of “Multiculturalism” and its various applications in our today’s diverse society. As we all know, a “Multicultural society” includes people of several “different races, religious, languages, and traditions”. That’s good. That’s even cool, as long as some of those “different religious, races, or traditions” do not impose a threat on a civil and diverse society, by taking advantage of the term “Multiculturalism”.

I love diverse cultures and I embrace those that are vibrant and progressive, and also look at them with the eyes of a spectator, not a critic. But even as a spectator I have a right to question things that are not corresponding to the very definition of “Multiculturalism”. Considering my appreciation and understanding of “cultural diversity,” I will go for those that are of high value, either societal or personal, and embrace them with an open arm, but I cannot do the same thing for a “cultural practice” that is “brutal”, and accept that “value” in the name of “Multiculturalism”.
I can and will be delighted to embrace many colourful cultures, and ancient traditions that are not atrocious, violent, and barbaric. In the name of “Multiculturalism” I cannot “tolerate and understand” the importance of our ignorance. I cannot be “multicultural” and understand “honour killing” amongst some traditional Moslem families. I cannot define “multiculturalism”, when I hear that the Imam of a certain mosque, despises the very notion of “Multiculturalism” and preaches hatred to his congregation, and declares a “holy sanction” on the very society, in which he lives and preaches, the very society that has validated the existence of such bigotry.

I am living in a compulsory-multicultural-society; for I have no choice but to tolerate the rise of “Fundamentalism” in this city, on campuses, on schoolyards, and still wonder as to whether or not I should practice more of “multiculturalism” during my week-ends?



SERENDIP said...

oh boy, this new piece of art, bita, is mysterious and beautiful. I'm so excited at the sight of your picture that I have to write a comment before reading the post...hahaha

SERENDIP said...

I think Canada should follow Australia's new mandate; "you want sharia, leave Australia". Why do these people leave their countries if they hate everything about their adopted country? It's mind boggling!

Bita said...

dear serendip,

fortunately in Canada, they did not succeed, but they are sucessful in their own mind, for that inhumane law is practiced in thier own countries. Look at countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, some cities in Iran even, and the whole region of Moslem world is plagued by this vicious act of Honour.
It it beyond me how ignorant is praised in the name of a Being, or "tradition" or what have you.


Bita said...

Dear Serendip"

I am absolutely delighted to know that you like this work. Thank you for your continues support and words of encouragement regarding this blog.