Tuesday, July 31

It's winter again in Iran,

Our Friends are those who inspire, motivate and support us, in thick and thin. Our greatest thanks to RoxieAmerica for being with us in this fight againt Barbaric regime of Iran.

They teach our children its a joy to die
They twist the truth of God into a lie
Barbarianism used to control
Hollow headed Basiji on patrol
Oh what a barbaric scam
Perpertrated in Tehran
They people they did devour
In their lust for absolute power
Homicide-suicide defined as art
Human rights pierced though the heart
Darkness has fallen across the land
It's winter again in Iran.



Bita said...

well said. what you have expressed is of great concern to me, personally. indeed, "darkness has fallen across the land", and Iranians need to recognize its depth and its effect in the fate of our nation.

RoxieAmerica said...

thank you bita, I wrote that as I typed the comment, it just flowed freely. When I got done, I wrote one here at home called "It's winter again."