Wednesday, July 11

An Islamic United Front

The Guardian Council of the Constitution and the Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Nation have decided to boast each other up, and put a united front for the purpose of defeating the Reformists, the Boys of the Revolutionary Guard, and the Refsanjani Family, in the upcoming Parliamentary Election.

As we know, the Council is a high “chamber within the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and is accordingly responsible for all that which is required of its’ function. The council has 12 members; six of whom are chosen clerics, who are “assigned to act as the conscious of the present needs and the issues of the day,” and are appointed by the supreme leader. The other six members of the Council are the jurists who are experts in different areas of Law (Islamic obviously, for a Civil Jurist cannot attest to the set up of nonsense law), whom are elected by the Majles (Parliament) from “among the Muslim jurists nominated by the Head of the Judicial Power (who, in turn is also appointed by the supreme leader)”. Obviously with such Council standing beside the Vali-e Faquih, it seems like Catch-22 to win a Parliamentary seat for anyone who is not a part of that crowd.

The Creation of such Chamber was a calculated move, which was taken by Khomeni and his team (who wrote the Preamble to the Islamic Constitution of Iran) in order to legitimize the role of the chosen clerics in the support of the Vali-e Faquih’s commands and guidance. With the recent news about the allegiance between the different groups of Fundamentalists, and Neo-Hardliners, the role of the Council is even more important to secure a few parliamentary seats for those who will have to be “elected”. Although, if you ask the supreme leader about “the true function of the Council” he will definitely have to express that, “in all rational and democratic political systems of this world, there are Watchdogs that their duty is to oversee the work of the government-on-duty,” so the Council is an Islamic Watchdog, and inseparable part of the Islamic Regime.

Now in this coming parliamentary election, the Council is going to act as it is required of them to evaluate the candidate’s credentials; be it professional or personal, to make sure that those parliamentarians who are occupying the Islamic seats in the Majles are the very people who will be weary of the Big-Islamic-Brother.
Now, in such situation, it is the Council’s job to wash away all the worry that walks along the path of the election, and make sure that only those “candidates who are highly qualified by the Council” will be allowed to participate in the election. That’s the least the Council can do for the Faquih who is obviously in a big-deep-shit. After all the sole function of the Council is to facilitate legal penetration and injections that are proposed by the Faquih, into the legal system, and the affairs of the state and what have you.

This, my dear readers, is what I call “forming a united front” by the powerful clerics in Iran. With the recent news about the formation of the “Council of the Fundamentalists” the Faquih has more room to exercise other options while approaching the crucial near future. This is an extraordinary time for the powerful clerics to secure the future of their monarchy, because as they have guessed their special creation, the so called Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab will have them done. After all, a new dawn is approaching the Middle East and there is only so much time to get rid of the opponents.



Anonymous said...

Bravo for this post. You really know what you are talking about.

Look forward to your news posts


Anonymous said...

The Council is a combination of bunch of a...holes, that's my opinion.

Sina, Ca.

SERENDIP said...

Kathy jan forgive my ignorance. Am I right in understanding that the hardliners, Khamanie et al are afraid of the Sepah Pasdaran (IRGc) and the reformists?

Bita said...

serendip jan, you are absolutely right about the sepah. the hardliner are more afraid of the sepah than they are of the reformists. the reformists with the recent world's view on Islam have less chance to succeed, than the boys of the sepah whom are mostly connected to the "economic heart of the country". the sepah has turned into an oil-cartel; also a very important element in the deployment of Ahmadinejad's team on the stage. but also great in negotiating arm and weapon from Eastern Block, and South and Central America. Argentina was one of their middle men, in the 1980s.

PS: I have never felt that you were "ignorant", if anything you are far from it.

serendip said...

Katy jan: Thanks. So Khameni and reformers are afraid of a coup by Ahmadinejad and the Sepah? or Khamanis is with the Sepah boys?

Bita said...

Dear Serendip,

Some of Sepeah's boys are with the Leader, that's for sure. But the rest are far more independent than the Leader want them to be. But the leader has so far kept them at bay,,,


SERENDIP said...

Iran bans political campaigning,,2125973,00.html

Bita and Kathy jan: Read this blog by an Iranian blogger. She is great:

Bita said...

dear serendip,

thanks for the link. and I also visited Shima's blog. it is good to get to know one another, and that's done by the way of introduction by friends.

Sepas Gozar-e Shoma,