Sunday, July 8

An Unanswered prayer of mine!

I hear that in Pakistan a “pro-Taliban Red Mosque” is in fight for life, meanwhile I think that Islam has never been as popular and as hateful as it is now. And I ask myself this question that if “Allah” is “all merciful”, why doesn’t he show his “merciful” side to the people of that chaotic region of Middle East?
Every single day at dawn, Eastward, I sit down, crossed legs, on the hardwood floor of my room, and “pray to god and ask him” to help me find a way to understand idiotic, absurd ideas, convictions, prerogatives, and I am yet to receive an answer to my prayer. I don’t know why “god” has turned a deaf-ear on me. Or may be there is something wrong with my “divine receiver” because I am not getting the “message of Islam” and “god” at all, and that worries me a lot!


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Anonymous said...

there is nothing wrong with your "divine reciever": "god" is dead!