Friday, July 27

A Tribute to the Late King of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

In my opinion, to commemorate a historic figure, a late King, is to remember him for what he had done, in terms of his achievements and with regard for his “extraordinary circumstances and responsibilities”, and show respect for all that was good and done in his name, or at his own initiatives. This note is a commemorative tribute to a King whose actions and reactions are yet to be judged by the very frank but truthful mind of History.

To the late King of Pahlavi’s Dynasty, Mohammad Reza Shah, whose nearest friends were his worst enemies, whose character went under a severe criticism both at home and abroad, while remained dignified when receiving “people’s judgment of him”.

A humble Salutation to a King under whose reign, Iran reached many of her potentials; in her bosoms Iran raised many great individuals of intellectual, scientific, artistic capacities; dignified men and women who worked hard together to build a strong country in that infested-with-ideology-region-of-the-middle-east.

Let’s remember the King for what he could offer, for what he was capable of becoming, and for his genuine love for a country with great culture, great past and greatest contribution to the World’s Science, Arts, and Civilization.



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good post

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Well done. You have spoken about his late majesty with a hint of criticsm which is allowed and healthy.

thank you, katayoun


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very well put

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very well put