Sunday, July 29

Thus The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic spoke

In the watchful eyes of the Supreme Leader, the Education System of an Islamic State should be in accordance to the needs of the state, and its purpose is to teach about what is “Islamic” and kosher, and to train people to be mindful of the needs, philosophy, and goals of the Islamic Regime. So, it is, therefore, necessary in his holiness’ mind to change the Education System and Islamize it once more.

In Khamenei’s opinion--Islamic and certainly approved by Allah--a nation’s grandeur, its spiritual bliss, its political prominence, and its progress in scientific and financial sphere depends on its State Education System”. ‘What a glorious speech’, some reformist and lobbyist had shouted, right after the News hit the Fan.

The Supreme Leader believes that, “the previous education system was based on anti-religious mentality; the texts were filled with religious obscenity, and promoted nothing but Western Ideologies”, mimicry of flawed and rude, which was in opposition to what the Needs of our country were”!

The Supreme Leader is diligently aware of the fact that the nation has a great capacity for “achievement and progress in all areas of Islamic sciences, arts (!)” and what have you, yet because of “improper training and teaching” that which has remained from the previous regime, the nation has not given its whole heart to the plight of the Islamic Empire. And, now, in Khamenei’s opinion, the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council (SCRC) has to butt in to get the reform and re-reform going, and that’s it.

Khamenei’s point is really clear to see. The State has a responsibility of training and educating young minds—creating ideological bombs that can go off at any time—but has not been quite successful at that art, and therefore, it needs to realize the urgency of the needed “changes” and act upon it—they would like to call it “reform” (Islamic –reform, if you can conceive the notion, of course).

In Khamenei’s opinion, “the state is responsible for raising, training and educating brave, good-hearted, productive, innovative, dignified, and just human beings, who with their inquiring minds” would enter the great arenas of scientific endeavor, and contribute to the further establishment of the Islamic Empire. And to achieve this, his holiness points that, “we” (the mullahs) need to draw from Islamic culture (!) and re-connect it to the Iranian culture and from there we can start”. In other word, if Islam in its first attack against Iran did not diminish the culture in its entirety, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution would see to it and finish the job that his forefathers did not.


serendip said...

Totally sick. The man is sinile. What Islamic culture? Suicide bombings and toruturing innocents people in the name of allah? The news from Iran is getting more bizarre by the minute.

Wonderful art as always.

serendip said...

I linked to your post. Kathy jan, do you have the link to this news?

serendip said...

sorry, I just saw the link.:)

Anonymous said...

another excellent post.


Anonymous said...

This move from Islamists has been expected. They live off lack of knowledge and misery of people with threat of death over their heads. So, they keep genocide Iranians in their own land, Iran.

Iranians must stop sympathizing with ideology of their captors. They must stop being nice to this murderous and backward ideology. These islamists and mullahs are organized so Iranians must also become well organized. Get groups organized. Start becoming groups.

Bita said...

My dear serendip,

The so called "Islamic Culture" has been a matter of dispute for such a long time. wihtout Iran's cultural contribution, there would not have been any "culture" created out of Islam.
The Supreme Leader of the rev. is a man who is disturbed (since his existance has been a matter of discomfort for people)
And thanks for the Link. You know how to select!
Thanks Shadi,

I appreciate your support
Dear Anonymous,

I agree with you on the points you have made. We need to organize against their attack. Here in Canada, we need to focus on the "new comers" who belong to the regime and are sent here on a purpose, just as in Iran, people should be vigilant about the regime's moves.
Unfortunately, there are so much to be done about this invasive regime, and not much of a collective effort has been gathered in that regard.
this is the fight of our life, whether we stand together to save our country, and our souls, or we are going to suffer a terrible consequence.


Winston said...


RoxieAmerica said...

They teach our children its a joy to die
They twist the truth of God into a lie
Barbarianism used to control
Hollow headed Basiji on patrol

Oh what a barbaric scam
Perpertrated in Tehran
They people they did devour
In their lust for absolute power

Homicide-suicide defined as art
Human rights pierced though the heart
Darkness has fallen across the land
It's winter again in Iran.

Bita said...

My Dearest Roxie With your Permission I will post your Comment, since it is a beautiful and expressive prose-poem.