Tuesday, July 31

It's winter again in Iran,

Our Friends are those who inspire, motivate and support us, in thick and thin. Our greatest thanks to RoxieAmerica for being with us in this fight againt Barbaric regime of Iran.

They teach our children its a joy to die
They twist the truth of God into a lie
Barbarianism used to control
Hollow headed Basiji on patrol
Oh what a barbaric scam
Perpertrated in Tehran
They people they did devour
In their lust for absolute power
Homicide-suicide defined as art
Human rights pierced though the heart
Darkness has fallen across the land
It's winter again in Iran.


Sunday, July 29

Thus The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic spoke

In the watchful eyes of the Supreme Leader, the Education System of an Islamic State should be in accordance to the needs of the state, and its purpose is to teach about what is “Islamic” and kosher, and to train people to be mindful of the needs, philosophy, and goals of the Islamic Regime. So, it is, therefore, necessary in his holiness’ mind to change the Education System and Islamize it once more.

In Khamenei’s opinion--Islamic and certainly approved by Allah--a nation’s grandeur, its spiritual bliss, its political prominence, and its progress in scientific and financial sphere depends on its State Education System”. ‘What a glorious speech’, some reformist and lobbyist had shouted, right after the News hit the Fan.

The Supreme Leader believes that, “the previous education system was based on anti-religious mentality; the texts were filled with religious obscenity, and promoted nothing but Western Ideologies”, mimicry of flawed and rude, which was in opposition to what the Needs of our country were”!

The Supreme Leader is diligently aware of the fact that the nation has a great capacity for “achievement and progress in all areas of Islamic sciences, arts (!)” and what have you, yet because of “improper training and teaching” that which has remained from the previous regime, the nation has not given its whole heart to the plight of the Islamic Empire. And, now, in Khamenei’s opinion, the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council (SCRC) has to butt in to get the reform and re-reform going, and that’s it.

Khamenei’s point is really clear to see. The State has a responsibility of training and educating young minds—creating ideological bombs that can go off at any time—but has not been quite successful at that art, and therefore, it needs to realize the urgency of the needed “changes” and act upon it—they would like to call it “reform” (Islamic –reform, if you can conceive the notion, of course).

In Khamenei’s opinion, “the state is responsible for raising, training and educating brave, good-hearted, productive, innovative, dignified, and just human beings, who with their inquiring minds” would enter the great arenas of scientific endeavor, and contribute to the further establishment of the Islamic Empire. And to achieve this, his holiness points that, “we” (the mullahs) need to draw from Islamic culture (!) and re-connect it to the Iranian culture and from there we can start”. In other word, if Islam in its first attack against Iran did not diminish the culture in its entirety, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution would see to it and finish the job that his forefathers did not.

Saturday, July 28

The Hidden Law

Auden's Hidden Law

The Hidden Law does not deny
Our laws of probability,
But takes the atom and the star
And human beings as they are,
And answers nothing when we lie.

It is only reason why
No government can codify,
And verbal definitions mar
The Hidden Law.

Its utter patience will not try
To stop us if we want to die:
When we escape It in a car,
When we forget It in a bar,
These are the ways we're punished by
The Hidden Law

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Friday, July 27

A Tribute to the Late King of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi

In my opinion, to commemorate a historic figure, a late King, is to remember him for what he had done, in terms of his achievements and with regard for his “extraordinary circumstances and responsibilities”, and show respect for all that was good and done in his name, or at his own initiatives. This note is a commemorative tribute to a King whose actions and reactions are yet to be judged by the very frank but truthful mind of History.

To the late King of Pahlavi’s Dynasty, Mohammad Reza Shah, whose nearest friends were his worst enemies, whose character went under a severe criticism both at home and abroad, while remained dignified when receiving “people’s judgment of him”.

A humble Salutation to a King under whose reign, Iran reached many of her potentials; in her bosoms Iran raised many great individuals of intellectual, scientific, artistic capacities; dignified men and women who worked hard together to build a strong country in that infested-with-ideology-region-of-the-middle-east.

Let’s remember the King for what he could offer, for what he was capable of becoming, and for his genuine love for a country with great culture, great past and greatest contribution to the World’s Science, Arts, and Civilization.


Thursday, July 26

What did your grandparents say...?

My maternal grandfather said that, “if you were to remove Khomeini’s turban, you would read this: Made in England”. My paternal grandmother said that, “the doomsday is approaching our country’s horizon,” when Khomeini’s plan hit the Mehrabad’s grounds.
What did your grandparents say when the Imam of all those who were ready to destroy Iran, without the slightest feelings of compassion and apathy, came back to Iran?


Tuesday, July 24

Choose your belief

"Be sure you choose your believe and know why you believe it, because if you don't choose your beliefs, you may be certain that some beliefs and probably not a very creditable one, will choose you" (The Monticore)

A Monster in Disguise

It is a well-known fact that Khomeini’s only joy in life was to remain hateful towards people in general; because that was the only way by which he knew how to seek “pleasure”. Nothing mattered to him, but himself. If you ask me why, I would say that he was his own object of desire; a monster in disguise.

Some believe that Khomeini suffered from a progressed case of Sadism that which was manifested in his thirst for blood, his need for absolute power, his disdain for humanity, individuality, creativity, and the free expression of mind.
But some believed him to be a Moral Entrepreneur, with a twisted mind. A natural-born-killer, with an extraordinary talent for asserting rubbish, Khomeini never gave up what he wished to achieve. Nothing mattered to Khomeini; not even the very “Divine Authority” under Whose Tent he was leaning against the soft cushion of Islam.

In reality, Khomeini was the very product of an infested ideology of dominance, and hatred. A great personification of Evil, Khomeini was presented by a group of academic-elite-western-educated-son-of-the-moslem-brethrens-of-bazzar--a religiously bourgeoise society—to the naïve, goodhearted-religiously-brainwashed-ordinary-citizens of Iran as their Imam. Nothing satisfied Khomeini but the total destruction of Iran, its people, its resources, its image and its role in this global village, and nothing had he done during his ten-year-reign to prove my argument otherwise.

Khomeini’s legacy of hate, destruction, belligerence, and doom still cast its gloomy shadow on Iranians’ lives. His devotees, those who have attained total power in the name of protecting “Islamic Republic and its dignity” in Iran, the likes of Sepah-e Pasdaran, the President, the Hard and Soft-liners, have done exactly what had been expected of them by their Imam. Khomeini’s movement has promoted nothing but shameless destruction, rise of national and international alienation, misery and pain and has claimed the lives of thousand of innocent Iranians, not only in Iran, but also beyond the border of the invaded country.

As it has been argued, Khomeini’s idiosyncrasies could not be met by any ordinary effort, and since the satisfaction of his own desires far preceded that of Iranians’ wishes, he pushed, more and more, for total self-satisfaction. Creating the Islamic Republic was only a stepping stone, on which he stood and took a deep breath before he proceeded with his plan. And when he declared himself as the only Trustee of the Devine Power on earth, the Iranians took a deep breath, before they plunged into total darkness.

Andrew Young, the US ambassador and President Carter’s special convoy to the UN (1977), asserted that, “Khomeini’s movement (!) Has been influenced by an American Educational System, and it’s inspired by it. What I can say is that this Revolution’s ideals are the same as the ideals of all human right advocates. When this Revolution settles (entering its fourth stage, which it never did!), then the whole world will realize that Khomeini is one of our Contemporary’s Saints" (Tavalodi Digar, 486).

As far as “Khomeini’s movement” was concerned, it was “with the greatest regret that it came to existence” and was backed by those who truly did not know that you cannot create chaos and live outside of it! As for the “influence of an American Educational System,” and the “inspiration” drawn from them, one cannot ignore the fact that many of the “elites of the revolution” were “international students” at “this and that university” in the United States of America, and Europe. (Only a few months ago, at Harvard they received Khatami with certain delicate-academic manner. Let’s not forget his full “Security Protection” while visiting the States. Also let’s be aware of the fact that European academia should be also applauded for their effort to contribute to that “movement”).

As for “the ideals of human right’s advocates”, one would hope that a “special convoy to the UN” should have been more compassionate about the issue of “human right’s plight” which was (and still is) at hand. Less than a month after the commencement of the “movement” and the return of its “Spiritual Leader”, there were celebrations of “joy” which were adorned with sacrificial humans; blood, and mass hysteria were the order of the “movement”. Those who worked under the previous regime were arrested, beaten up, did not stand a chance to stand a “trail”, never mind its fairness, and with a “bullet or two” were sent to “hell”. Their families mourned in silence, Iranians were shocked, and the whole world stood in an awe of such “movement”. One may dare to ask, “Have you ever seen any human right’s advocate who would go for such celebration and jubilation of an angry-bloodthirsty mob, whose leader did not feel at ease until he got rid of all the “culprits of the great Satan”?

In less then two years after the establishment of the Islamic Empire of Khomeini and his team, the Iraqi’s army attacked Iran, and there commenced a “seven-year-war” that which, if the Iranian army had not been destroyed by the way of that “movement”, did not have a precedent to occur. A tragedy of death and blood begun; Khomeini led a crusade against his opponents, only to achieve his “Sainthood”, Saddam Hossein made himself the next project of those who had their eyes on the region, while thousand and thousand of Iranians, and Iraqis banished away from the face of the earth. According to a report published in 1980s by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, “Thirty-one countries benefited” from that war “by selling weapons to the Islamic Republic of Iran”, among which there stand these names: “the United States of America, the former Soviet Union, China, Germany, France, United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the former independent republic of Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Syria, Northern Korea, South Korea, Philippine, Taiwan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Southern Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Algeria, Libya, and Ethiopia”.

The Revolution has yet to settle. The Islamic Republic is yet to crumble. And certain “prophecies” about the establishment of such Fascist state in the Middle East, have proved to be a Historic, shameful, disgusting political manipulation, a bad Lie.

Today, in Iran, what we see and criticize is the exact manifestation of Khomeini’s illusion of his Empire; his dream of achieving a certain glory for Islam, and for that, a nation has been paying the highest price. With their blood, their soul, Iranians have become the “humble servants” of that Republic of Velayat-e Faquih. The sad thing, however, is that, a sick man, a mad-man-of-God, a mentally disturbed human being was able to establish a state, get ride of all those who protested against the rise of his theocratic regime in Iran. In conclusion, Khomeini created a Totalitarian regime armed with powerful Ideological weapons of mass destruction. Do we dare to praise this one?


Thursday, July 19

Isabella Whitney
fl. 1567-1573

“Isabella’s name is nowhere mentioned in C.S. Lewis’s encyclopedic survey of English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (1954), and till recently it was absent from most other accounts of the period’s literature”.
After persuading the London printer Richard Jones to print a set of verse epistle on love and inconstancy, Isabella begun a series of moral adages, adapted from Sir Hugh Plat’s Flowers of Philosophy. According to the Act of Parliament in 1544, women could not and should not write her own will, let alone to publish it, lay certain claim to a certain legal, social, and economic independence. “Whitney adopts this stance in order to survey the institutions, occupations, and commodities of London and, in leaving her mock bequests, to articulate a series of sharp criticisms. She writes in the voice of an impoverished gentlewomen who is compelled by her circumstances to leave the city and does so in a mood that mingles regret, complaints, irony, and aggression”.

(The Norton Anthology of English Literature, Ed. 7. Vol. 1.)

“A communication which the author had to London, before she made her will”

The time is come I must depart
from thee, ah famous city.
I never yet, to rue my smart,
Whenever small cause there is that I
Should grieve from thee [to] go.
But many women foolishly,
Like me, and other mo’e,
Do such a fixed fancy set
on those which least deserve,
That long it is ere wit we get,
away from them to swerve.
But time with pity oft will tell
to those that will her try,
whether it best be more to me,
or utterly defy.
And now hath time me put in mind
of thy great cruelness,
That never once a help would find
to ease me in distress.
Thou never yet wouldst credit give
to board me for a year,
Nor with apparel me relieve
except thou payèd were
No, no thou, never didst me good,
Nor ever wilt, I know;
Yet I am in no angry mood,
but will, or ere I go,
In perfect love and charity
My testament here write,
And leave to thee such treasury
As I in it recite.
Now stand aside and give me leave
to write my latest will:
And see that none you do deceive
of that I leave them till.

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Wednesday, July 18

The Basij is there to protect you!

Khomeni was a worried man, because he thought that “a country with 20 million youth must have 20 million riflemen or a military with 20 million soldiers”, to protect the Imam’s creation with a mighty sword! A megalomaniac, he thought that the large army of devotees can guarantee the preservation of his Islamic Republic, till the arrival of “Mehdi”, Islamic messiah. Perhaps he did not know that Napoleon had a “Majestic army”, Hitler had a “Great army”, even Saddam thought that he had an “Extensive army”, but in spite of all the “greatness, and grandeur of the presence of their mighty armies” they all destroyed themselves before they could destroy others.

One of the many “miracles” of the Islamic Republic of Iran was the creation of the Basij, Niruyeh Moghavemat Basij—Mobilisation Resistance Force, in 1980. This paramilitary “National Mobilisation of the Oppressed (Baseej-e Mostazafan)” came to existence not only to take commands from the Sepah, but also to protect the Leader of the Revolution—Vali-e Faquih-- when it is required of them.

No body knows exactly how many of these ideological-bombs are awaiting the “arrival of the messiah—Mehdi”. Rumor has it that “the force” can provide from 12 to 20 million militia men, who can kill in the name of their religious beliefs, and protect the dignity of the Islamic System, whenever the Spiritual Leader commands them. The Basij or Baseej paramilitary “volunteer forces” are under the control of the Revolutionary guard, but when they are “protecting the Nezam” (the Islamic system) they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Pasdaran and together they make sure that the “indecent activities” of citizens are dealt with, that the women wear their “hejab” in most Islamic way, and respect Islamic-dress-code, and act and react to what might befall them in the most Islamic manner. The Basij also is responsible for removing satellite dish antennae from citizens’ roofs.
The Basij members are “full time uniformed personnel” who are “joined up to 300,000 reservists”. The Middle-school-aged members of the “student Basij are called seekers (Puyandegan), and high-school members are called the Vanguard (Pishgam), whom are being brainwashed in accordance to the system’s needs. The faithful brethrens, when finishing high-school “with high marks”, are privileged to enter the University in Iran, without a slightest regulatory-complication, get different jobs at different levels of government, without the usual-state-caused-hindrance.

During the infamous Iran-Iraq war the Basij was heavily involved in sending believers (the members) to heaven by the way of martyrdom. But, those brethrens who remained at home were engaged in cleansing the society from all its impurities, especially “the culprits of the previous regime,” and all those who did not agree (and still do not agree) with the imposed rules of law”.

In conclusion: the Basijis, alongside their superiors, the Sepah Pasdaran, are trained to preserve and protect the Islamic regime in Iran.


Sunday, July 15

Our Iranian Metamorphosis

It is nearly three decades since we (Iranians) have uprooted ourselves from our Home, and wrapped our weak, afflicted Stem inside the quilt of Migration, and in the search of a better soil, we entered a beautiful garden, and let our roots run under its red soil. We ate our hearts out, we tried, and we rose above and toward the sun, which was hidden behind the clouds, to benefit from its warmth, even though it was not much. We achieved certain growth, and we changed, but in a most astonishing form; we no longer have a clear image of who we are supposed to be!

We washed the corner of our eyes, and watched the world around us with half-opened eyes, but we still did not know how to see. We decided to turn away from History, and get rid of Geography, so we destroyed all the boundaries and got lost in the haze of the moment, and found ourselves again only to realize that we had been lost.

We abandoned Literature and declared ourselves Liberal, and then we produced our own Liberal Literature. We disappointed all those who were free, wise, and lastly we got rid of those who were trying to discover certain truths, without any peculiar tendentious thoughts, and we declared ourselves proud. We hung all the wondering dervishes from ancient scaffolds; those who had particular zeal to exist, we exterminated them. We had knowledge but decided to draw back. We did not know a thing, but decided to go ahead, anyways. We were leaders while in reality we were the followers. And in doing all these things, we declared Chulou Kabob as our National Food.

We forgot our Metamorphosis; we failed to remember how we deceived ourselves and wore the King’s famous “gown.” We failed to remember how we went into hiding, and when the time was as right as it could had been, we reappeared again. We forgot how those tiny drops of water can turn into a big Sea, make beautiful and fearful waves. We forgot all about the transformation of calm waves into a big nasty storm.

We forgot how we were deceived, how we entered the “other’s” game. We were so naïve, so simpleton, and did not know the game. We forgot how in a very short-lived-night a nine year old girl turned into a mature woman, and “legally,” prepared to be married to a man; a monster, a sick soul. We forgot how and according to what peculiar “laws” of state, we became “eligible to be caged in, cast off.” We even forgot to ask: “who took the toy away from that ten year old boy and gave him a gun, a real killing machine, and encouraged him to kill, and if necessary to die for his “belief.”

We were confined, and then we were free. We were free and all of sudden no more. And then with the hope of a little calmness, we experienced the eternal ecstasy of numbness.
Don’t we wonder why?


Saturday, July 14

Living in a "Multicultural society"...

I, personally, have nothing against “Multicultural societies”; in fact I even live in one, and try to enjoy every moment of living in this colourful diversity of tastes, of styles, of behaviors and traditions. But I do have an objection to the very notion of “Multiculturalism” and its various applications in our today’s diverse society. As we all know, a “Multicultural society” includes people of several “different races, religious, languages, and traditions”. That’s good. That’s even cool, as long as some of those “different religious, races, or traditions” do not impose a threat on a civil and diverse society, by taking advantage of the term “Multiculturalism”.

I love diverse cultures and I embrace those that are vibrant and progressive, and also look at them with the eyes of a spectator, not a critic. But even as a spectator I have a right to question things that are not corresponding to the very definition of “Multiculturalism”. Considering my appreciation and understanding of “cultural diversity,” I will go for those that are of high value, either societal or personal, and embrace them with an open arm, but I cannot do the same thing for a “cultural practice” that is “brutal”, and accept that “value” in the name of “Multiculturalism”.
I can and will be delighted to embrace many colourful cultures, and ancient traditions that are not atrocious, violent, and barbaric. In the name of “Multiculturalism” I cannot “tolerate and understand” the importance of our ignorance. I cannot be “multicultural” and understand “honour killing” amongst some traditional Moslem families. I cannot define “multiculturalism”, when I hear that the Imam of a certain mosque, despises the very notion of “Multiculturalism” and preaches hatred to his congregation, and declares a “holy sanction” on the very society, in which he lives and preaches, the very society that has validated the existence of such bigotry.

I am living in a compulsory-multicultural-society; for I have no choice but to tolerate the rise of “Fundamentalism” in this city, on campuses, on schoolyards, and still wonder as to whether or not I should practice more of “multiculturalism” during my week-ends?


Friday, July 13

"The Wisdom of Life"

"Nothing will protect us from external compulsion so much as the control of ourselves".

Arthur Schopenhauer

Wednesday, July 11

An Islamic United Front

The Guardian Council of the Constitution and the Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Nation have decided to boast each other up, and put a united front for the purpose of defeating the Reformists, the Boys of the Revolutionary Guard, and the Refsanjani Family, in the upcoming Parliamentary Election.

As we know, the Council is a high “chamber within the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and is accordingly responsible for all that which is required of its’ function. The council has 12 members; six of whom are chosen clerics, who are “assigned to act as the conscious of the present needs and the issues of the day,” and are appointed by the supreme leader. The other six members of the Council are the jurists who are experts in different areas of Law (Islamic obviously, for a Civil Jurist cannot attest to the set up of nonsense law), whom are elected by the Majles (Parliament) from “among the Muslim jurists nominated by the Head of the Judicial Power (who, in turn is also appointed by the supreme leader)”. Obviously with such Council standing beside the Vali-e Faquih, it seems like Catch-22 to win a Parliamentary seat for anyone who is not a part of that crowd.

The Creation of such Chamber was a calculated move, which was taken by Khomeni and his team (who wrote the Preamble to the Islamic Constitution of Iran) in order to legitimize the role of the chosen clerics in the support of the Vali-e Faquih’s commands and guidance. With the recent news about the allegiance between the different groups of Fundamentalists, and Neo-Hardliners, the role of the Council is even more important to secure a few parliamentary seats for those who will have to be “elected”. Although, if you ask the supreme leader about “the true function of the Council” he will definitely have to express that, “in all rational and democratic political systems of this world, there are Watchdogs that their duty is to oversee the work of the government-on-duty,” so the Council is an Islamic Watchdog, and inseparable part of the Islamic Regime.

Now in this coming parliamentary election, the Council is going to act as it is required of them to evaluate the candidate’s credentials; be it professional or personal, to make sure that those parliamentarians who are occupying the Islamic seats in the Majles are the very people who will be weary of the Big-Islamic-Brother.
Now, in such situation, it is the Council’s job to wash away all the worry that walks along the path of the election, and make sure that only those “candidates who are highly qualified by the Council” will be allowed to participate in the election. That’s the least the Council can do for the Faquih who is obviously in a big-deep-shit. After all the sole function of the Council is to facilitate legal penetration and injections that are proposed by the Faquih, into the legal system, and the affairs of the state and what have you.

This, my dear readers, is what I call “forming a united front” by the powerful clerics in Iran. With the recent news about the formation of the “Council of the Fundamentalists” the Faquih has more room to exercise other options while approaching the crucial near future. This is an extraordinary time for the powerful clerics to secure the future of their monarchy, because as they have guessed their special creation, the so called Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab will have them done. After all, a new dawn is approaching the Middle East and there is only so much time to get rid of the opponents.


Tuesday, July 10

The product of a convoluted ideology

When a government such as Ahmadinejad’s makes an “official confession” to the public, one immediately thinks that something smelly has just hit the fan.
The news is that an official confession was made by Ahmadinejad’s administration with regard to the recent increase of the inflation in Iran.

I personally do not like confessions, because they are almost never done in the spirit of contrition; and by contrition I mean the awakening of mind, and the use of intelligence for further conducts. But if the confessions are not made in the spirit of contrition, then why bother to babble them out? Don’t we believe that, when action counts, talk becomes a cheap commodity? However, some people believe that confessing one’s sin will help cleanse the consciousness, although I almost believe that in the case of Ahmadinejad, the consciousness had nothing to do with the confession.

Ahmadinejad’s administration’s sole function is to feed the machinery of propaganda. But then again when I think twice about the usage of propaganda to meet an end, then I realize that it has been the way for this Islamic Regime to rely on the machinery of propaganda. In fact the nation has proved to have a big appetite for propaganda, ever since the “triumph of the revolution”.

Ahmadinejad’s zeal for propaganda has no end, that’s a proven point. But we cannot blame him for being who he really is. He is only a product of a convoluted ideology, established by an Imam who believed that only donkeys specialized in economy.

In conclusion, I think that we have no right to scrutinize Ahmadinejad or his administration’s personnel for being propagandists, fascists, bunch of irreverent, stupid, and delusional “men in power”, because they are what their belief tells them to be.


Sunday, July 8

An Unanswered prayer of mine!

I hear that in Pakistan a “pro-Taliban Red Mosque” is in fight for life, meanwhile I think that Islam has never been as popular and as hateful as it is now. And I ask myself this question that if “Allah” is “all merciful”, why doesn’t he show his “merciful” side to the people of that chaotic region of Middle East?
Every single day at dawn, Eastward, I sit down, crossed legs, on the hardwood floor of my room, and “pray to god and ask him” to help me find a way to understand idiotic, absurd ideas, convictions, prerogatives, and I am yet to receive an answer to my prayer. I don’t know why “god” has turned a deaf-ear on me. Or may be there is something wrong with my “divine receiver” because I am not getting the “message of Islam” and “god” at all, and that worries me a lot!


Thinking Animal

"In contrast to animals, all men think, but not every man is a thinker. Thinking refers to the future as well as the past but also to the present".

An Introduction to metaphysics
Martin Heidegger


Tuesday, July 3

Music for you and I

Music lives within us; for man, before conveying his thoughts in words, used musical instruments to express his feeling. Only later on, Lyric became an essential part of a person’s personal feelings and thoughts, while composing “music”.

Music is a great part of our daily lives. Each individual is attuned to appreciate music in a very unique way, for music has a magical effect on each being in a different way. Some of us like to indulge in Classics, while others enjoy Folk. Some of us can’t live without Jazz (Bita is a great fan) while others like to mellow down to the tune of Blues. Younger generations would like to begin their morning with Hip Hop, Pop, Retro, and Rap, while their older siblings listen to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, just as their Hippie-Baby boomer parents find their peace in New Age and Mix.
Even those who live in small villages, or in farms or in the middle of Sahara still indulge in types of music that are inspired by nature’s melodious elements.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, try to listen to music; let melody and lyrics take you beyond your imagination, and only then you will be elated.


Monday, July 2

The making of circumstances


When you read Shaw's plays, you think twice about life and misery, pain, disillusionment, and hope, and that's when you decide to laugh!

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I dont believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they cant find them, make them" (Mrs. Warren's Profession).