Friday, June 22

Wednesday January 24 of 1979

In a leaflet called “Besharat Nameh,” the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) express that, “Khomeini is coming to Iran; the very man, who has given rise to the uproar of the freedom seekers around the world, is coming back to Iran. Khomeini is coming back to Iran; the man who is the very illustration of the sacred Freedom, the man whose very being is the incarnation of the hope of an historic nation, is coming to Iran. In the whole history of human race, it has only been once that the sun has risen from West and goes down at East, with the return of Imam to Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini, the grand Vali-e Faquih, the Imam of Shiites, in the name of God will be back in Iran, on this coming Friday”.

PS: if the above sentences don’t make any sense to you, it is because the whole thing does not make sense at all.



serendip said...

Sick. How ignorant.

Bita said...

dear serendip,

Absurdity of the events of that time is really mind blowing


Rodrigo said...

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Bita said...

dear Rodrigo,

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Anonymous said...

The point is that some Iranians refuse to believe that the man was protected by the very naivity of people.