Tuesday, June 5

Still in 1979

On January 17th of the year 1979, Khomeini was in Paris, jubilant, he must had been, for he issued a salutary statement to Iranian nation, congratulating them on their “freedom from the yoke of Pahlavi,” and at the end, demanded that all the Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Shapour Bakhtiar, should put their resignation to him.

On that same day, Khomeni in an interview with the British Broadcasting Channels, BBC, states that, “the future regime of Iran, will be Republican and Islamic”. In that same Interview, the Blood thirsty leader of the Islamic Revolution, also criticizes Mr. Bakhtiar and defines him as a “traitor, whose cabinet stands on a non-political ground,” and therefore declares the government of Iran as “illegitimate”.

Now, please note that on the same day, Mr.Bakhtiar, the last Iranian Prime Minister appointed by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, also, in an interview with the same Broadcasting system, states that, “without my permission, as the Prime Minister of Iran, the army is not allowed to make any decision”. He also expresses that, “I have not been in contact with Khomeini, but there are people who have informed him of my ideas and opinions about the political situation in Iran. And I can say that my actions that which, were, and are in accordance to my mandates, as a Prime Minister, have been as such that they don’t contradict Khomeini’s ideas of running a State”.

It is also interesting to know that Mr. Jimmy Carter, the President of the United States of that time, in an open conference with the media states that, “United States of America with the help of its friends and allies in and out of Iran has contact with Khomeini!” As General Abbass Gharabaghi, the Chief of the Supreme Commanders Staff ensures the prime minister that the army would not rebel against the state, Mr. Carter tells the media that, “America opposes a coup d’ ├Ętat in Iran”. Meanwhile on the streets of Iran, the angry mobs were chanting, “Death to America,” and the puppeteers were moving their fingers accordingly.

Mr. Bakhtiar, with the triumph of that Revolution in Iran, like thousand of other Iranians was forced to flee his country, and live in exile. Mr. Bakhtiar who settled in Paris, France, where he formed the National Resistance Movement of Iran, maintained his opposition to the Islamic Regime of Iran till the last day of his life. Of course his ideas were not received kindly by the Leader of the Revolution, and finally in 1991, two years after Khomeini’s death, Bakhtiar’s assassination was carried out, by Moslem terrorists, who upon completion of their job fled Paris for Tehran.
History will pass its own fair judgment on Mr. Bakhtiar’s political decisions, and thoughts, as it will pay its due to the likes of Khomeini.



SERENDIP said...

Amazing how an entire nation was deceived by an uneducated monster who did not care about Iranian and send them to their slaughters by the thousands...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. You have addressed many issues which were of no significance to the other Iranians at the time.

Perhaps the whole nation beside being naive was absolutely unprepared for the overflow of their own feeling with respcet to the revolution.

Keep up this excellent blog.