Tuesday, June 12

Sometimes there is a reason as to why one needs to revisit a convoluted past!!!

Bita, 2007

In this note, I will be as unbiased as I can afford to be. After all I am a human being and as such prone to be a bit sentimental and therefore am in danger of writing something that is rather subjective. And generally, I don’t like to be subjective, because the whole thing stands against my aim which is to be as objective as possible.

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my intention of revisiting the political events of the past three decades in Iran, is to look for things that did not only fail to grab the attention of the ordinary fellow Iranians, but also did not raise any concerns for those who declared that they would side with Khomeini(on his plight for the establishment of an Islamic Regime—call it a theocratic empire); the very people who later on came to pay for their stupidity, greed, and na├»ve decision-makings.

There were many different political groups, nonsense intellectuals, and obnoxious human beings with twisted mind, who neither loved Iran, or had any regard for human dignity, and accordingly acted in the support of a conspicuously-revolting Revolution and were later on paid for their actions. Some were paid with their lives; some took a bullet or two while some were, literally and physically, blown up by a hugging suicide bomber. These were the first group of loyal friends, amongst whom you could see a few Mullahs’ names, the enthusiasts of the Islamic Revolution who went through the “internal cleansing of the system” right after the establishment of the state. But then there were certain “assistant designers,” whose contribution to the establishment of the state was so grand and undeniable that the regime did not event dare to eradicate them. Instead, they were occasionally harassed, jailed and bailed, while did not play any role on the centre stage of the politics, any more than it was obvious to the public eye.



serendip said...

Katy jan: This is was a great piece but a bit cryptic for people like me who were not in Iran during the revolution. But I think what you're doing it's very worthwhile. Did you Ladan Boroumand's interview in Democratiya? I think it's outstanding. Here is the link:(Read all of it...it's so good not to read it all)


Bita said...

My Dearest Serendip,

I am glad that the likes of this post can inform the reader of some important issues that were of great importance.

Thanks for the link, I am going to indulge on the piece and see what is what!!


Anonymous said...

I am Irani. and this is good. i not understand so many , but i try to read this.
Khoshhalam az inkeh be in safhe erja shodam. az alman hastam.


Bita said...

dear anonymous.

Merci baraye visit in safheh. man talasham bar in ast keh ba Irani ha dar har kojaye in donya keh hastand ertebat bar gharar konam.