Friday, June 1

Revisiting some historical events in Iran

Bita, 2007

On January 26th of the year 1979, the King of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, left the country to prevent a “foreseeable blood shed” and the most “distinguished” Mullah of the country, Ayatollah Sayed Kazem Shariatmadari, issued a statement to the army and demanded that they show their complaisance to their “Moslem Brethrens,” who were moving to establish a State, as Just and Islamic as Ali’s was!

On the same day, Karim Sanjabi, the Founder of the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) delivered a speech to a large crowed gathered at the infamous Masjed-e Shah, and declared his “deepest respect for the army,” and also conveyed that even the “grand leader, Ayatollah Khomeini,” (the devil in exile!) shares his “respect” and calls them “our brethren”. And accordingly, the army should join “this immense wave of emancipation” and “help Iranians Triumph over their struggle against the Imperialists and their culprits”.

And finally, on that peculiar day, Hossien Ali Montazeri in an interview with a French Newspaper, Le Soir, stated that, “our movement—meaning the Revolution in Iran—is neither left nor right. Our Ideal is to establish a State similar to that of Imam Ali”.

To be continued…



Bita said...

Dear Katayoun:
I think this is great that you share such important information with others. Thank you. Some times revisiting the past makes present’s and future’s decisions a better one.

katayoun said...

Revisiting past is like going through a painful journey that is much needed.
And thank you for your ongoing support.

serendip said...

Katayoun: Fascinating history. We need to learn and confront our past and not just recent past in order to move forward. We need to identify all those who deceived us and find out why we allowed ourselves to be deceived...I enjoy these posts in relations to the revolution immensly. Thanks.

BTW, the art work is stunningly beautiful, Bita jan.